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FT Mini Scout Build (Mighty Minis)


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Here's the step by step build tutorial of the FT Mini Scout from the Might Minis Series!

The FT Might Minis Series are similar to our larger FT Swappable Series, but these smaller planes can be flown indoors, outdoors and in small backyards!

These fun foam flyers run off of smaller motors like this EMAX MT1804 2480KV Brushless Motor. More details on the electronics are available below!

You'll want to put together your mini power pod first!
More details available in the power pod article here:

The undercamber wing gauges are just some of the smaller pieces of this kit to keep an eye out for when organizing all of your foam board components.

The speed build kits offer easy to build laser cut pieces that make the building process go much faster!

With these FT Might Minis, we want to keep the weight down as much as we can. Reinforcing glue with clear scotch tape instead of the usual packing tape on things like the wings.

These Mighty Minis offer all the same building techniques of the FT Swappables.

Centering your servos is good practice with all of your scratch built airplanes, especially the FT Mini Scout.

A tool that's good to have for these types of foam board builds is a Z-Bender!

Ad tech sent us out some hotglue guns to try and we're really likeing the Ad Tech Pro 200!

The FT Scout Speed Build kit and the free build plans both come with these cool add-ons that, if painted black, will give your scratch built Scout the look of exposed cyclinders.

No matter what airplane you build, always be sure your CG is correct. Slightly nose-heavy is always the best option. And with that, you're ready to fly! Be sure to check out some of the additional articles to learn about additional wheel options, build tips, and first flight tips!

FT Mini Scout [Tiled Plans]
FT Mini Scout [Full Plans]

All In One Electronics Kit: Lazertoyz - FT MINI POWER/ELECTRONICS PACK
MOTOR (Option 1) - EMAX MT1804 2480KV Brushless Motor
MOTOR (Option 2) - RTF Mini Motor X2204 v2 2300KV
4 Servos (Option 1) - Towerpro SG50 5g Micro Servo
4 Servos (Option 2) - HXT500 6.2g / 0.6kg / .08sec Micro Servo
ESC (Option 1) - Dynam - Dectrum 12Amp ESC w/ 3A BEC
ESC (Option 2) - Suppo 10A Brushless ESC
Battery (Option 1) - Turnigy nano-tech 460mah 2S 25~40C Lipo Pack
Battery (Option 2) - Turnigy nano-tech 460mah 3S 25~40C Lipo Pack
Battery (Option 3) - Turnigy 800mAh 2S 20C Long Lipo Pack
Prop (Option 1) - Direct Drive HQ Prop - 6x3 Black
Prop (Option 2) - Direct Drive HQ Prop - 6x4.5 - Black


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Ordered both SBKs, but couldn't wait so I started scratch building the Mini Scout already. Wings done already. Love the look sof this plane. Great Job Flite Test. Can't wait to fly her indoors.
Typically airplanes use a CCW motor. The CW will work, but you may have issues with the prop nut unscrewing. I would recommend using some blue locktite to prevent it coming loose.
Any brushless motor can turn either direction, just switch 2 of the wires to change it.
Plan version layed out for an 11X17 printer

Having access to an 11x17 printer, I realized all the parts fit on that size page. So I rearanged these plans for 4 11x17 pages and do not have any parts across page boundaries.

Edit: see post 15 for rev2 that is only one 8.5x11 and two 11x17 pages.
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Just finished my mini-scout, I plan on running it up at dawn. (I am on night shift right now so I am up all night anyways.) I am going to try it with the Blue Wonder and see how it goes. It is just a bit nose heavy with battery. I'll see how it flies before i pretty it up, but I did add a seemingly huge pilot just for fun. I'll let you all now how it goes in a few hours.



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Had a great maiden, no trimming needed, it flew straight and true. I used the Blue Wonder with a red brick 10a. I flew with a 1000mah 2s and used a 8x4 without any problems. I upped the throws halfway through and it became a whole lot of fun, very maneuverable and even managed inverted for a bit. Good fun, great design, and perfect in my backyard.
Glad to hear it went well, I thought about using a blue wonder as i got one laying around but figured it might be over kill.

Anyone already of thinking about putting small ailerons on this?


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Typically airplanes use a CCW motor. The CW will work, but you may have issues with the prop nut unscrewing. I would recommend using some blue locktite to prevent it coming loose.
Any brushless motor can turn either direction, just switch 2 of the wires to change it.
Thanks, I bought the CW version. Sigh, now I have to worry about the prop nut coming off, I'll try the locktight like you suggested.

Could someone on the staff update the electronics on these to specify which one you should buy?
11x17 sized plan rev2

Rev 2 of trying to make these easier to print on a 11x17 printer without having to tape pages together. The parts are a lot closer together, but puts everything on one 8.5x11 and two 11x17 pages.

The Speedster version I'm putting in it's thread.

Edit: Lesson learned, check before posting :( Something in what I did let stuff change size!
File removed for now.

Use Mikemacwillie's reformatted plans
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Hi guys. I have been making 50-75% ft planes for a while. This is the first time I actually make a ft plane in the original size. Very exciting!

Regarding ailerons. I have a bunch of 3.5g servos on order. Will definitely put ailerons on this mini scout.


Zmr 1804 2400k
Gemfan 6x3
lemon 6ch rx
2 X 9g servos.
3s 850 (needed for cg)

Will report back after maiden. (It is dark and wet in Stockholm /Sweden right now)
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If there is any one who has put ailerona on one of the minis please let us know how big you made then and if it worked out.

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I have just put aileron on my Scout and it transformed the plane, it's greater!

I used one 9g servo in the middle on top of the wing, aileron size 2cm x 20cm on the inner part of the wing.