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FT Mini Scout Build (Mighty Minis)


New member
Hello, all!

Let me present my Mini Scout "Hina":

(click the image for a short flight video)

My Mini Scout is built from 3mm XPS boards from a local hobby store (pinkish-orange), covered with 80 micron laminating film. I used a styrofoam glue UHU-Por instead of hot glue. I built it with removable wing and detachable landing gear, wheels are 3D printed from PET-G, as well as the motor firewall. I use 10A ESC, 800 mAh 2S battery, 2205-sized 2300KV motor, 6x4E propeller. The weight with battery is about 160 grams.

I have a question, though: I had to point the motor axle much more downwards than the original build video suggests, otherwise it would porpoise up and then stall on throttle increase. Currently the axle points few degrees more downwards than the front third of the wing. I use the same right thrust angle as the power pod in FT plans (about 4°).

What downwards motor angle do you use, measured from the top flat side of the fuselage?