FT mini Sparrow - HowTO


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I have built several Flite Test aircraft.
They are fun to build and usually fly well.
My current challenge is a mini Sparrow.
I misunderstood the CG at 2.75 inch and had a wild flight.
I corrected the CG to 1.75 inch with 50 grams of lead-clay.
Now it flys like a pussycat.
I made the lead-clay with model clay and lead shot from a hunting friend and mixed them together.
This lead-clay molded nicely into the nose of my mini Sparrow.
The radio setup on my Spektrum DX8 was a bit tricky.
Transmitter - System Setup > Aircraft Type > Wing : Normal, Tail: V-Tail A.
I fly Mode 2 (USA) so prefer using right stick – so I created a mix
AIL>RUD Right 125% and Left 125%, Switch: On
Receiver – Rudder to right hand servo, Elevator to left hand servo.
I notice that the left stick is still more active than the right stick for rudder function but it works OK.

Happy Landing,


lead clay.jpg

weight in nose.jpg