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In this video Sam and I will talk to John Overstreet about The not yet released FT MS AT-6 Texan and other plane(s)!
The FT MS AT-6 Texan will probably be released this month (September), but if the release is delayed it could be released next month (October).

After the FT Master Series AT-6 Texan and the new FT Power Pack (with a bigger motor) is released you can find it on the Flite Test Store: https://store.flitetest.com/master-series/

A huge thanks to Sam aka "The Hanger" on Youtube and on the FT Forums for letting me use his phone to take some of this video. (I left my Camera in the build tent)
Link to his Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiu_u3MxJOnnnWSIYSnSsMg
Link to his profile on the FT Forum: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?members/the-hangar.43840/

Test Fly RC

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The FT Master Series AT-6 Texan and Tutor will be released tomorrow 10-15-2021.
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