master series

  1. P

    Good intermediate ft build to learn about curve builds

    Just as the title says, what is a good intermediate build level ft plane that will teach me about curved plane making?
  2. C

    Master Series Style P-39 Beta

    I am working on a master series P-39. This is my first Master Series style design. The plane can and has been fully built from the plans that are linked though some changes need to be made. The former skins may come out a few millimeters large. As of now you will need to cut your own battery...
  3. DJSomm1

    The 100” Build-Ruary Blanik

    I had the idea to build a LET L-13 Blanik with master series techniques. In the past, it would have been a one-off build, but now that I have a good CAD program and a needle cutter (See here), I am able to draft a set of plans, and test their accuracy with CNC precision. We won’t know the weight...
  4. e2designs

    FT Master P51 Retracts and steerable tail wheel

    Just finished the build for the FT Master Series P-51. I wanted retracts as we do not fly at a grassy location and prop strikes are common for belly landers. I will attach the modified wing svg that I used. There is not much room for the depth of the retracts and I wanted to avoid moving or...
  5. R

    Solved Flite Test AN-2 Maiden tips

    I'm planning on having the maiden flight of my newly built master series an-2, and was wondering if anyone has any tips or knowledge on how they fly? What rates should I have, should I set expo, any bad flight characteristics, is the suggested CG good, how fast does it fly? etc. Hope these...
  6. bwarz

    Plane MS Style Curtiss P36 V2

    I have finally uploaded the plans for my Curtiss P36 - the predecessor to the P40. The design has become quite a detailed design and build, with a few loose ends that were not wrapped up in my second build. I built my second build from the plans with the clear canopy. The 'not wrapped up' is...
  7. bwarz

    MS Style Curtiss P40-E design and build

    I started building this around March or April and then other things pushed it to the side of the workbench. I came back to it in June before FF to do some beta work on the skin and lost time again. Tonight I sat back down to try my skin plans and have hopefully decided to continue working on...
  8. Kam5691

    Power for master series F/A-18 Super hornet

    I was wondering how I would set up the Super hornet with power. Do people use two batteries for each EDF? Is there a splitter that takes power from one battery and delivers to both EDFs? I have tested the jet with one battery, but it seemed very underpowered and barely got off on full throttle...
  9. flitetest

    Decal Flite Test Master Series F-18 Super Hornet Decal Placement Sheets 1.0

    F-18 Super Hornet Decal Placement Sheets Design By: Stephen Rosema Instructions to assist you with the decal placement for all the SkyFX variants of the Flite Test Master Series F-18 Super Hornet, including... Dambusters Jolly Rogers Shadowhawks Tomcatters
  10. Rasterize

    SkyFX Might Mini P40 Livery Poll

    The New Mighty Mini P40 is in the works! John has posted some pics on Facebook and Instagram and there have been many ideas for liveries for this iconic bird. I have gathered up the most requested but we still have a big list. For those of you who are waiting for its big brother, if and when it...
  11. FlyerInStyle

    P.1079 Mighty mini master series style jet.

    here is how my p.1079 chuck glider looked:And from that, I want to make a scaled up puller mighty mini style jet, except there is a twist. with @foamboardflyer 's help, it will become master series. @foamboardflyer is currently starting off the build with scaling up my chuck glider plans, and we...
  12. Test Fly RC

    FT MS AT-6 Texan and Tutor

    In this video Sam and I will talk to John Overstreet about The not yet released FT MS AT-6 Texan and other plane(s)! The FT MS AT-6 Texan will probably be released this month (September), but if the release is delayed it could be released next month (October). After the FT Master Series AT-6...
  13. Test Fly RC

    The Flite Test Mighty Mini Fw 190, is released!

    The Flite Test Mighty Mini Fw 190, is released! FT Fw 190 sbk
  14. Test Fly RC

    The Flite Test Master Series F-16 Viper, is released!

    The FT Master Series F-16, is finally Here! FT F-16 SBK
  15. Bo123

    Master style Hawker Sea Fury

    This is the start of my master style Sea Fury. This is my first master style build, so if anyone has any tips, I would be very appreciative.
  16. Test Fly RC

    FT Master Series A-10 | Unboxing!

    In this video I will unbox the all new Flite Test Master Series A-10 Warthog! FT Master Series A-10 speed build kit:
  17. bwarz

    BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan

    bwarz submitted a new resource: BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan - An involved build with prototype lines and some nice details! Oh yea - she flies quite nicely, too! Read more about this resource...
  18. bwarz

    Plane BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan Version 1.1

    A rather sturdy master series build with a 46" wingspan that has a nice glide path and flies quite prototypical on a 3S battery with a 2216 1120kV motor (I'd assume a Power Pack C would be perfect). I've attached a PDF build notes document to get you started until I have a chance to do a...
  19. O

    Help! Piper L-4 Grasshoper Master Series

    Hello, I am in the process of designing a Piper L-4, I have taken a papermodel as a reference since it is quite simple to change the design and adapt it to foamboard I hope you can help me finish the project or even help you in the design of your airplanes.
  20. Matthewdupreez

    Plane Piper Comanche Version 1

    skins, wings, ruder and elevator coming soon