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master series

  1. Rasterize

    SkyFX Might Mini P40 Livery Poll

    The New Mighty Mini P40 is in the works! John has posted some pics on Facebook and Instagram and there have been many ideas for liveries for this iconic bird. I have gathered up the most requested but we still have a big list. For those of you who are waiting for its big brother, if and when it...
  2. FlyerInStyle

    P.1079 Mighty mini master series style jet.

    here is how my p.1079 chuck glider looked:And from that, I want to make a scaled up puller mighty mini style jet, except there is a twist. with @foamboardflyer 's help, it will become master series. @foamboardflyer is currently starting off the build with scaling up my chuck glider plans, and we...
  3. Test Fly RC

    FT MS AT-6 Texan and Tutor

    In this video Sam and I will talk to John Overstreet about The not yet released FT MS AT-6 Texan and other plane(s)! The FT MS AT-6 Texan will probably be released this month (September), but if the release is delayed it could be released next month (October). After the FT Master Series AT-6...
  4. Test Fly RC

    The Flite Test Mighty Mini Fw 190, is released!

    The Flite Test Mighty Mini Fw 190, is released! FT Fw 190 sbk
  5. Test Fly RC

    The Flite Test Master Series F-16 Viper, is released!

    The FT Master Series F-16, is finally Here! FT F-16 SBK
  6. Bo123

    Master style Hawker Sea Fury

    This is the start of my master style Sea Fury. This is my first master style build, so if anyone has any tips, I would be very appreciative.
  7. Test Fly RC

    FT Master Series A-10 | Unboxing!

    In this video I will unbox the all new Flite Test Master Series A-10 Warthog! FT Master Series A-10 speed build kit: https://store.ftstem.com/ft-master-series-a10-warthog/
  8. bwarz

    Plane BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan

    bwarz submitted a new resource: BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan - An involved build with prototype lines and some nice details! Oh yea - she flies quite nicely, too! Read more about this resource...
  9. bwarz

    Plane BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan Version 1.1

    A rather sturdy master series build with a 46" wingspan that has a nice glide path and flies quite prototypical on a 3S battery with a 2216 1120kV motor (I'd assume a Power Pack C would be perfect). I've attached a PDF build notes document to get you started until I have a chance to do a...
  10. O

    Help! Piper L-4 Grasshoper Master Series

    Hello, I am in the process of designing a Piper L-4, I have taken a papermodel as a reference since it is quite simple to change the design and adapt it to foamboard I hope you can help me finish the project or even help you in the design of your airplanes.
  11. Matthewdupreez

    Plane Piper Comanche Version 1

    skins, wings, ruder and elevator coming soon
  12. spdxdmn

    Which FT foamboard?

    I’ve been holding off on getting a few of the master series SBK’s for a while now and since there were no sales this past week I’m going to buy a few, but less than I was planning before. My question to everyone out there with experience, would I be better off getting the brown foam version...
  13. 334500_af2f121c1fcc183c5a497d12e9c381af.jpg


    New test fuselage for my 109
  14. FoamyDM

    Papercraft - Trying a new source of inspiration

    Cessna A/T-37 - Papercraft Method Lately I've been looking into different methods of design design inspiration and final product outcomes. I'm referring to tape colored tape color printed skins spray painting and other covering methods for planes as well as design methods for the Master series...
  15. DinosEatPeople1

    13th squadron Mini Zero build thread

    I wanted to build a Mini Zero and someone directed me to the 13th squadron website and I love their plane! I am making this thread as a reference for anyone else who wants to make this plane for there aren’t instructions for the plane. So I will sacrifice my self to help others moving forward. I...
  16. V

    FliteTest Master Series P47 Razorback

    Hi Guys, I just completed by Maiden flight of the FliteTest Master Series P47 Razorback. My 1st master series build and quite happy with the end result. The specs of the plane are: Motor: Flite test Radia 2212B 1050kV motor with a 10 x 5 prop, 40 amp esc, 3s 3200 mah LiPo. Used the MakerFoam...
  17. GrizWiz

    Mini MS BF-109F

    Plans Have Been FINISHED!!! Goes together quite easily! You can put servos in the wing for better access or in the fuselage because there is LOADS of space!!! The nose hatch will be updated sometime later to be 4 different pieces so you don't have to cut the skins according to formers yourself...
  18. myspit.jpg


  19. Matagami Designs

    Part P-38 Printed Parts 1.0

    STL files for various replacement pieces to fit on your master series P-38 and add more scale details.
  20. Apple Pie

    Plane Apple Pie's B-25 Mitchell V1

    Here is my take on the venerable B-25 Mitchell bomber from WWII. Approx 1.9 m wingspan (75") built using master series build techniques. This is my first attempt at designing a plane using a combination of Fusion 360, meshmixer, and inkscape. It is not perfectly scale by any stretch of the...