Help! FT Nano Flerken Engine/Prop Upgrade?


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I just finished my Nano Flerken with FPV gear and a Runcam Thumb and got it in the air. It currently weighs about 300g, in part from the camera, but there’s also about 50g of tape on it to reinforce weak spots that became apparent after my first couple crashes.

I’ve gotten it in the sky a couple times now and feel good about all the noob hurdles I had to get over. I get about 7 minutes of flight time on a 3s 850mah battery. But I did notice that I have to stay pretty high on the throttle to keep it up.

My question is this: is there a stronger motor I could use beyond the goblin in the kit? Would it work to get a different prop (bigger than 3” or a tri-blade)? I can live with its current performance but want to know what my options are with its current weight.


I built one with a 1504 2200kV and using a 650mah 3S. Even with an Ant AIO camera and an Aura Lite it is right at 250g.
That said, I've struggled finding an optimal prop for it. The best I've got so far is a 4x4x4, and it seems to fly pretty well, but I just don't have enough time on it to confidently say its a great way to go.