FT Old Fogey (Swappable) - Scratch Build


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Build plans:
View attachment FT Old Fogey details 1of4.pdf
View attachment FT Old Fogey Fuse Plans 2of4.pdf
View attachment FT Old Fogey Landing Gear 3of4.pdf
View attachment FT Old Fogey Wing Plans 4of4.pdf

Detailed build video for the power pod (swappable fuselage) available here:

TIP for printing the plans:
To print "tiled" use Adobe Reader X and in the print dialog select "POSTER", select "Cut Marks" and make sure "Tile Scale" is 100%. Then overlap and tape as required (after trimming the top overlapping edge).
(Thanks youtuber larrybarrick for this suggestion!)

The FT Old Fogey (old timer) scratch built foam board airplane is another addition to the Flite Test Swappable Fuselage Series!

fogey scratch build - 3.jpg fogey scratch build - 24.jpg fogey scratch build - 23.jpg fogey scratch build - 25.jpg

Start with the wing and be sure to note that the wing tip will have a slight curve cut in it. This will create the polyhedral angle in the wing when you glue it.

fogey scratch build - 4.jpg fogey scratch build - 5.jpg

Use the small triangles as a template for your leading edge angle.

fogey scratch build - 6.jpg fogey scratch build - 9.jpg

Be sure there are not gaps in your wing tips when you glue them.

fogey scratch build - 7.jpg

When glueing on the second wing tip, have your Swedish friend measure the height of the first tip (from the table) and make sure it's the same.

fogey scratch build - 11.jpg fogey scratch build - 10.jpg

Chad has a cool tip for creating stronger hinges. Simply spread hot glue into the foam area of your crease and allow to cool. This will create a rubber-like hinge and help keep your paper from tearing.

fogey scratch build - 8.jpg fogey scratch build - 13.jpg

This plane is primarily going to use B-style folds. Where the sides will push against the bottom plate. Be sure to watch the plans for when you will be setting up the A or B folds.

fogey scratch build - 12.jpg

When cutting out your old timer, make all the straight cuts first then go back to cut out the smaller notches.

fogey scratch build - 29.jpg fogey scratch build - 14.jpg fogey scratch build - 30.jpg

The servo tray will be using an A-style fold where the sides will sit on the bottom plate. The power pod is an A-style fold design, in case there's any confusion.

fogey scratch build - 15.jpg

Run your push rods through some tubing or straws and be sure to glue them so there's no binding on your servos.

fogey scratch build - 16.jpg fogey scratch build - 17.jpg

Run your push rods through the slot in the back to your control horns.

fogey scratch build - 18.jpg

Another cool trick to mount your wheels is to wrap hot glue around the end of the piano wire and when it cools it will create a rubber stopper that will keep your wheel on!

fogey scratch build - 21.jpg

fogey scratch build - 19.jpg fogey scratch build - 20.jpg fogey scratch build - 28.jpg fogey scratch build - 27.jpg fogey scratch build - 2.jpg fogey scratch build - 26.jpg fogey scratch build - 22.jpg
fogey scratch build - 1.jpg


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Printed out last night while I finished the bottom wing for my baby blender. Will probably put the blender over to the side and work on this tonight. AFTER the Pergo I'm doin in the basement of course.

Thanks guys. I was always a fan of those Texaco event models.


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Great video guys and I think these plans are some of the easiest to follow. Love how the plane flies. I might be crazy, but I'm going to use this for my first build. Wish me luck!


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Oh SNAP! I can't find the link to the floats! Guys, aren't you gonna have the float plans?


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What motor? Altitude Hobbies has 26 different Suppo motors. It would be real nice to have the power of the motor, watts and KV so we can see if we already have a motor that would be appropriate.

This looks like a real nice, slow flyer to relax with, a nice change of pace. :cool:

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Yeah guys, Where are those awesome floats?
Or has a certain swede, not naming names here, smuggled them on a tricopter as blackmail to let him out of the basement?:black_eyed:


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My wing is done and the rest of my plans are taped and ready to transfer over. But it's late and I have to drive a bunch tomorrow so hopefully I'll get some time in the afternoon to cut the fuse and tailfins out to put em together. Didn't have a sweedish friend but my straight edge says the wingtips are both just at 3 inches with the wing laying flat. We'll see how that flies soon enough.

Bought the professional hi temp glue gun at Walmart or something like that. It has a high precision head, uses mini sticks, uses 20 watts and costs about 7 bucks. It doesn't seem to be melting the Dollar tree foam board and gives the long 'wet' times as seen in the videos. Although I think I could still do everything with my lo temp 3 dollar Walmart gun, this one gives you more working time AND hotter glue so keep them pinkies out of the way.


The only thing that bothers me with this design is the wing. I'm worried where the two outboard sections meet the inboard section of the wing. Shouldn't there be some type of reinforcement at the joints?


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Did you double the glue joints? That glue is pretty strong. If you're really worried tape along the fold on the bottom of the wing with fiberglass re-inforced tape. That will hold quite a bit. But really, the loads way out there on the tips aren't going to be near as much as you'd think.

Mine so far


I haven't started building one yet. I'm planning on building two for the neighbors kids. They always come over when I'm flying and would like to learn. I'm not up to teaching them on one of my planes though. This looks like it could be a pretty good trainer. Thanks for putting me at ease on the wings.


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I'm trying to print tiled plans to A4 (UK size) but the plans won't line up, only when i 'fit' plans to size do they work but the scaling is all out. Any Ideas? By the way... GREAT design


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Poster, cut marks, scale 100%. You're on the Size button right now so the cut mark options aren't displayed. I think it's default but my overlap is set to .005
my printer is a little off in some places, make sure your paper guides are tight so the paper tracks straight.

Josh Bixler

Did you double the glue joints? That glue is pretty strong. If you're really worried tape along the fold on the bottom of the wing with fiberglass re-inforced tape. That will hold quite a bit. But really, the loads way out there on the tips aren't going to be near as much as you'd think.

Mine so far

Great job on the build! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping others.


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Here is the one I built for my daughter. She can't wait to get out and fly. To bad the wind is ridiculous today.

IMG_20121209_142200.jpg IMG_20121209_142222.jpg




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I saw josh this weekend at the geneva holiday fly. The floats are from lazertoys. I was going to buy a set but the booth was closed. He said they were going to post the link soon. I hope i didnt screw up anything by sayin that but ive been wondering myself. Im still going to attempt to build some floats. He did say that if you are going to fly on floats to strip the paper off the tail or tape over.


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Hello Kitty! I didn't think about using wrapping paper to trim with but it sure would add color lightly.

Had thought about stripping the paper off the foam board and building some LzB floats sized right. Lazertoys huh?

Argghhhh, backordered!
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