FT Old Fogey (Swappable) - Scratch Build

By the way, I also used a coffee stirrer to guide push rod through the opening in the rear of the fuselage for the elevator control. Not only did that help reduce binding, but also keeps the wire from slicing further into the foam board.


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On my second (scratch build) Fogey, I took a different approach. I used scrap pieces of foam across the inside of the fuselage -- these had small holes poked in them with short pieces of coffee stirrers to act as guides (see the attached pictures). I preferred this over the side-mount as it gave them more of a straight line from the servos to control horns -- less binding ...

That looks like a very neat and easy solution, will definitely use that on my scratch build. Thanks for sharing!


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The coffe stirrers only support the pushrods where they exit the fuselage the bits inbetween should be stiff enough to support themseves.

If you can't get suuitable coffee stirrers you can go buy some lollypops. most of them use hard plastic straws as sticks that should work just fine as wire guides..


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Thanks to FT team for the building plans of FT old fogy.
Here in my location I could not get foam-board, so build my plane with thermocol. Can anyone give approximate idea about the final weight of the old fogey plane including electronics.


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@phatakrohan Mine is about 600gr. But i use a heavier foam, so it must be lighter.

I made a second Old Fogey for my wife. She totally destroyed mine crashing it into a power pole. It was really funny.

CAM00192.jpg CAM00193.jpg CAM00190.jpg


Hi all!

I just finished my 1st Fogey but Im having troubles with the CG, where have you set it exactly?

I feel like moving the battery only 1 centimeter changes from too nose to too tail heavy. Also managed to fly only handlaunching at almost full throttle, it is 600 gr AUW (21 oz), how much yours weight??


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Update plans are available here: SP0NZ - Plans Index

Includes re-arranged full size plans, new tiled plans, part labels, and templates for the graphics as well.


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The new plans are great! I used them to build my second Old Fogey.

But, I also made a few modifications to try to incorporate some of the newer techniques FT has started using. I used the servo tray, with the legs twice as long, and wrapped them around as a 'C' fold, making a nice doubler for the nose. I will try to post a pic.

I also cut down another servo tray to the height of a servo and glued in down to the bottom of the fuselage to make the control wires move straight back and forth. I use surveyors flags for my wire, so it is a little stiffer than piano wire.

Lastly, I don't use the front skewers anymore. I run a bamboo skewer through the side. With triple walls, this works nicely, even after several crashes, as you'll see in the pics.
160120-150013.jpg 160120-150414.jpg 160120-150651.jpg 160120-150227.jpg

I know it looks pretty rough, but if you had seen the crashes,... I'm trying to learn to fly, and I don't have any routine help. So, as Ferdinand the duck from Babe says, "I'm all I've got, [honk]"

Now, has anyone come up with a better way to attach the horizontal stabilizer? I've had to add tape to both of mine. It's just paper glued to paper, and it hangs on the bottom side, so there's not much to hold it.


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Nice SHolman! My current OF looks just as dinged up as yours.

It seems people fall in two very distinct camps about the Old Fogey. The 1st group succeed building a very well behaved easy flier and love their Old Fogey. I was in this camp with my first build. What a sweetheart of a trainer plane it was. I learned to fly on it, together with the Hz Champ. Then the rubber bands gave up, wing separated and fuse spent the next 3 week's in a tree.

My second build has been a real dog putting me squarely in the 2nd camp. Severe wallowing / dutch rolling tendency, very hard to get in the air without crashing, won't turn to the right at all. I've tried various things, such as moving the cg forward, increasing down thrust, right thrust. The only difference in the build is I installed the servos near the tail. I did this because i was short on piano wire. I will next try and move the servos to where they are supposed to be according to the build plans.

I'll let you know if this fixes the issue.
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As a beginner, I recommend ft Fogey. It has 3 channels and has a large wing area, so it can glide slowly and is easy to control, so it is good for beginners. thank you