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Ft ov10 bronco landing gear?


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Make some wire gear or some underbody wheels like on the FT guinea pig. Get large foam wheels from Hobbyking or EBay etc. Get centres that will fit wire you can get easily. Some people use coat hangers, wire marker flags or music wire to make landing gear and axles.


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If you are landing in anything other than very short grass or moderately flat ground then belly landing on a skid plate is better.
If you attach very strong gear to a foam plane then you just destroy the fuselage instead.


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You can save you fuse damage if you attach the LG the same way that the FT-3D has it installed, with the two skewers and the rubber band. I have had needed up LG on a lot of planes thinking that's the way to go, and every time the fuse gets the damage, The Bushwhacker comes to mind. I have had one plane out of them all that had the tab in slot style like on the Cub that came close to being good, but there was so much wood in the fuse during the build that it almost got ridiculously heavy, well would be for the C pack motor. With the rubber band method your less then ideal landings are absorbed by the rubber bands and not the fuse


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My skewers got ripped through the bottom the fuselage on my Sportster. You need a super flat surface for undercarriage to be worth it. I have pretty big tyres on that set up and it’s never been good except on super short, flat grass.
Its main purpose has been to stop the prop snapping on cold days. My TT gear was more successful but it has shorter legs.