FT Podcast Lives On!!!!


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I'll be honest, I've never listened to a podcast before. Not because I'm old and I don't things poddy, but because I don't listen.

Anyway, good information. Returning to the hobby after a hiatus, I didn't know the FAA was playing games. This has prompted further research, and I appreciate that.

I look forward to more, Lee.

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Hello Lee,
@FTCA Director

Fantastic work on getting the Podcast going again! Huge thumbs up my friend.

I did listen to your answers to the Lite the Fire again Q/A Form post. I Some what understand what the FTCA is intended
to do, The overall Goal, Exc.. I hope I'm getting this correct that the member ship fees go to the use of the FTCA Reps / Yourself and Josh and so on to fight for the future of our hobby ?????????????

After meting you at Flite Fest this year, Shaking your hand and listing to how you're getting the FTCA up and running again, (NICE TO MET YOU BY THE WAY.) I truly enjoyed getting to connect with you and Josh, My Girlfriend I stood and talked with Josh for well over an hour one night. Getting to know him on a Personal level as small as it my be. Along with yourself and the Limbo rope story you shared with us. I have become a top tier Member. Huge thanks!! This is what I think all the members really want is to have a friendship with the people we watch
and listen to on the Youtube and through the Podcast.

In the Podcast you have asked for Idea's on what to talk about. I think I speak for many of the Members of the FT Community / FTCA please keep us all open and well informed as to what the FTCA is doing. Bring us up to date on what is going on. Maybe promote the activities and dates of events that are happening at Edge Water, Recaps of events, Upcoming FT projects, Let us into some of your personal lives. Supper Happy for you and your family on the up coming marriage of your Daughter and Josh's Son. MUCH BLESSINGS!

Like I heard Josh Bixler say in episode 211. We must be transparent.

Keep up the Great work Lee.....