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FT Pro-Build Series


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Hey Pilots,
I loved building the New FT Edge (looks superb), flying is a challenge at the moment lol. the Best Build yet has been the FT Corsair :) one of my favourite warbirds, the Build and techniques used to complete the plane is just as rewarding as flying it :)
would love to see some of the original FT plane plans revisited and revised using the Corsair style build.

rather than hoping im asking .... can we see them revisited...?... P-51D .....?.. Spitfire (Favorited Warbird).......?.... just to name couple :)



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loved the build too :) had to make adjustments and trim at times as i used 6mm Depron. i should have built with landing gear :)
let me know if you need any help with it.
hmmm now thats the tricky part lol learning the whole 3D flying and its challenging as this is the 1st plane that wants to dive on me all the time, CG is good as per the plans but my understanding is that with the wings being symmetrical the plane will dive as there is no lift generated from the wing, any tips would be great haha


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Yes for one you can always sub trim your elevator a bit up that way you’ll always get a bit of lift. I would highly recommend you first go with cruising it and then when you feel comfortable try 3D. I just recently flew full batteries on mine. What I do is use the closest hole on the servo arm to the servo and farthest hole out hole on the control horn that gives me less deflection and still let me fly beautifully. Now that I feel comfortable I can play with that. I have the original version and a Mini Edge. Don’t be afraid to repair it the airframe is super forgiving to repairs. My mini edge had a dozen repairs and still flew well. Ohhh and take a deep breath before to calm down like it’s name it’s edgy :).