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FT Scout dimensions

Hi, I bought the mini Scout a few months ago, I flew it a lot, I crashed it... Now my fuselage is dead. As I have a 3D printer I'm thinking of rebuilding the whole fuselage with 3D printed parts. But I still have an issue. Where could I find the exact dimensions of the parts please ?

Thank you


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From the plans, view/print off at 100%.
A 3d printed fuselage will be much heavier than a simple FB one, plus take longer to draw and assemble. The minis are very weight sensitive, too heavy and they fly like a fast moving brick.
I would buy a single sheet of foamboard and make a new fuselage, then save the 3d print for a lightweight pilot and some machine guns for scale detail! You can also print firewalls and control horns if you need those.


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Weaker and still likely heavier than foamboard. There’s times when 3d printing is the best option, this isn’t one of them. I own a printer, wouldn’t use it for a fuselage.