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FT simple cub Gopro


Elite member
I just recently received and built the ft simple Cuba and want to put my gopro cam on it.
can the ft simple cub with a power pack B hold a GoPro hero 7 or about 7oz of weight?

Nicholas Cormode

The Hangar

Fly harder!
It should be able to handle it. Just beware it will have a higher stall speed due to the extra weight so you'll want to keep your speed up. I would maiden the plane first and get a feel for it before putting the GoPro on it though.


Elite member
I would use a cheap camera like the SQ12 instead, held on the top of the wing by the elastic bands. They are about $12 each and produce quite nice footage at 720/30. I wouldn’t want to risk a hero 7 and add a small brick in weight terms.