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FT Spitfire

I wanted to show you all the Spit I built a while ago.

Spitfire-2.jpg Spitfire-4.jpg Spitfire-11.jpg Spitfire-17.jpg

I've crashed it few times ever since and found some weak spots that needs reinforcing.. Wing tips for example. I don't know how durable that foam board with that paper on top is but mine cracked with the first crash. No worries, i just hotglued them back in. Next crash took the rubberband mounts with the wing.
I'm thinking of gluing some posterboard to the weakspots.

All in all it's a great plane, all crases were caused by me ^^ It looks great in the air and flies very well. 10/10
Great looking plane. One thing I have noticed about the DT foam, once it's painted it seems to be more brittle. I have built a few of the FT planes and the most durable have been bare foam/paper, with packing tape for reinforcement. My most recent Old Fogey got blown over by a crosswind and it took chunks out of both wing tips. My first Old Fogey hit the ground much harder, on many occasions and paper would tear, foam would wrinkle, but not break crisply like it seems to do when painted. FWIW, I painted one with Rustoleum flat camo paint, and it seemed to maintain its toughness. I did the OD green in very light dusted on coats. The Fogey was painted with gloss paint and it made the paper/foam very brittle. I can't wait to get my Spitfire built. I have the electronics pack coming from LazerToyz, and I have quite a few sheets of foam just waiting to be planes!
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For those who can't get that original foam board, this is how i usually build my planes and the material i can use for now is FINNFOAM, a closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam (XPS). They have thicknesses varying from 20 mm to 120 mm. At 0:15 you can see how i get it thinner ^^ (hot wire)