FT Storch I need to get rid of.


So I have this storch that I used as my 4ch trainer, but I don't really need it anymore and it's taking up space. I need to get rid of it. It's really worn down, has a lot of damage but is still airworthy (I think) but needs a few minor repairs that I might just do myself before getting rid of it. I posted in this part of the forum because I don't feel its ok to sell an airframe that's in this condition. It comes with the airframe, control horns for all control surfaces except the flaps, a firewall glued in place, velcro glued in random spots, why not some rubber bands, but no servos, landing gear, linkages, control horns for the flaps, and pretty much any of the electronics. Really the only reason you would want to have this is something to experiment with, something to train on, or something that might end up destroying the plane.

If you wan't to swing by and pick it up (I won't be shipping it because I would need a huge box for that) I'm in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area over by Rock Creek, if you're interested email me or pm me or something so I can give you the address and so we can further negotiate plans for you to come get it.