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FT Store Support


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
I do understand that there is a Flite Fest under way at present. Nevertheless I have seen 2 posts of FT customers who seem to need some sort of communication. I emailed Fred but with him at FFS he might be a bit out of touch. Does anyone have a direct contactr to deal with these customers. ! both claim to have already been waiting weeks and 1 claims to be returning abroad. Anyone?


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
No worries.

For the future though I would suggest having a fall back plan when things happen. Maybe the plan will never be necessary but then again every once in a while someone does have some difficulty and reaches out to the forum for help. Typically someone will hail the Moderators for assistance but I don't know which avenue to take if both using the regular FT Store channels are not successful and you are not available. I would like to know what steps I should have taken (and should take in the future) and it'd be good if we were all on the same page on this.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Wha?!? Planning ahead? What kind of Mickey mouse operation do you think we're running here?!?

I agree, but more to the point, this has happened to some degree with every flitefest.

Every. Flitefest.

In any case I agree, we do need to have a call in for the mods to tap one of several ft people (in ascending order of botherability), but I think the ft crew needs to tap someone as "on call" at least during working days when they're running an event. They don't have to check more than once or twice a day, but if they don't tap someone to check, everyone will forget and noone will.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Usually I am the fall back. Since I haven't been going to FF's I have been available to take up some of the slack with CS.

Jen was trying to keep up with them when she got back to the hotel, but apparently they also handle Rotor Riot customer support, and as you can imagine, they had to handle one or two people upset over the Canada bridge incident.


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
Thanks a lot Dan. Now I have the Mickey Mouse theme song stuck in my head.

I'm just looking to make sure our lines of communication are what they should be. Poor communication promotes failing expectations which promotes frustration.:mad:

I like how Dan put it and would add that we should have a defined response expectation so we know upfront how long to wait before trying the next person to bother.

How's this for a customer response protocol?
1st - Customer places order. Customers should expect an initial response of order within _____ hours. (I think this is automated)
2nd - Order updated. Orders are normally processed and shipped within _____ days.
3rd - Any issues are reported first through the FT Store https://store.flitetest.com/contact/ which has a link to https://www.flitetest.com/pages/contact-store. Customers should expect a response within _____ days.
4th - If customers bring their issue to the forum a member will likely report the post to get a moderators prompt attention who then will make sure they've gone through the other steps with expected wait times and if at that point a problem remains then a responding moderator can email Fred if he hasn't already responded. Customers should expect a response within _____ days.
5th - ??? Will there be an alternate means for the rare occasion (like FFS) when we can't reach the Monkey?