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FT Swappable - Connecting Electronics


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We've shown you how to build all sorts of aircraft but we've never really gone into details on the basic setup of connecting the electrics into your scratch built electric airplanes.

This specific overview is to help you with your Flite Test Speed Build Kits.

A list of the components used in this video are available here.

Be sure to read through the user manual of your specific radio and receiver because each one may have a different procedure.

As a safety tip, use tape in place of the propeller to avoid any accidents where the motor may turn on. To be sure you have the prop on correctly, a simple check would be to see that the motor should be turning counter-clock wise.

When you have the motor running in the correct direction, and it's time to install the prop, prop savers are a great way to offer some more safety and give you longer life out of your props. To be sure the prop is facing the correct direction, the numbers should be visible on the front.

Hopefully this was helpful for you! Be sure to check out our forums as well as the following articles to find out more about any questions you may still have!

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I am fairly new to the game and hoped to get a little advice. I recently purchased the bixler 2 and I am using an turnigyX controller. My ailerons are reversed and even thought the controller should allow me to reverse the servos it will not change. I can reverse all other servo but not the ailerons. The info I have gathered says that this is common, and that the Y lead needs to be soldered in the other configuration or the servos manually changed throught a PC. Any help would be appreciated