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FT team work challange


Active member
Hi guys
First of all let me thank you for all of the hard work you are doing for the rc movement. Combined with the COVID19 lock down you are the reason I rejoin RC. I was racing rc cars in the past, almost 10 years before but moving out from my hometown, slowly giving up the hobby.

Back to the challenge.
I think it would be quite interesting, but I know it would be a tone of fun, seeing the team trying to fly a plane with true team work.
What I mean by this is that each control should be in a team member's hand. One controlling the throttle, one the ailerons one the elevator and one the ruder. That means 4 TX in 4 hands and 4 RX in the plane.
Can it be done? What you think?
I tried to find the link but I couldnt, we did it at spadfest 2012 in slater mo.
each function was on a different reciever and transmitter. it was fun