FT this is all your fault...


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Due to the entertaining nature of your well produced videos, I have suffered great physical abuse, overwork, and constant demands against my time and very limited resources. Most seriously, your group has endeavored not only to make instructional video fun and creative, but Flite Test further has the wherewithal to produce their own quality hardware, making the painful condition brought about by your videos doubly horrifying!

It is with this in mind that I have called upon you, Flite Test, to halt all forms of video production, writing, tip giving, kid helping, and constant de-noob-ing.

Masses of my kind, young and old, have been victims to the abuses not only taught by Flite Test video productions, but also pictured in great detail via all of their media portals. Every chance they get, the cast and crew of Flite Test find ways of corrupting their viewers into such elicit activities as pattern flying, KK programming, inverted flight, or above all else, bringing new people into RC! This must stop, lest my kind continue their century-long struggle for freedom, equality, and fresh batteries!

Written by Will and Tracy's new E-Flite Apprentice S E15

P.S. My humans say "Hello Flite Test! And thanks for all that you do!"


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Nice to see that our models now have a voice as well! I guess the silent defiance of tree-clobbering and ground-hammering has reached it's end...

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My poor Sensei agrees... Hey, I've resurrected it 3 or 4 times now, that has to count for something!


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It's been brought to my attention, (thank you, honey), that I hadn't properly introduced ourselves, to which I apologize. Hi from the Space Coast! I'm Will, and together with my fiancée Tracy, have gotten back into RC in a bad, bad way. Until recently, I hadn't touched RC for a decade, and she'd never flown in her life, but in July we came across an very interesting YouTube channel...

You see, this past July Tracy bought me a Losi Mini 8ight to fool around with while we were on a business trip. She says it was a birthday present. I say she's been secretly coordinating with Chad, in that while I was putting the car together (in a hotel with a Leatherman) she was marathon watching Flite Test (she said "the tall one's nice", but I think she fancy's the Icon A5). I'd never seen the Joshes before, but was intrigued by the subject matter, and blown away by the production quality. Then I saw a man slice a plane in two using a samurai sword! Sold. (So far so good honey? Good, let's move on.)

Fast forward, present day, right now, this moment, the very second I'm typi - (sorry honey) Last Night! We were at the local soccer field, where she and I had set up to do some RC. We brought the Mini 8ight, a Walkera V911, and the talkative one from above, the Apprentice S. While I was fighting the wind with the fixed pitch V911, about 2 mistakes TOO high, I heard the tell-tale sounds of the Apprentice powering up and setting gyros. Then taxiing. Then flying! Tracy, for the first time in her life, soloed the Apprentice S! Five minutes of confidence, which up to this point I didn't think she had in her, and the plane was down safe, after some nice patterns around the field. I had landed the heli and watched open-mouthed, astounded, as the bird came down on a perfect glide slope, with a touch of flare before touchdown. "Just like the video" she said.

To say you folks have made an impression is an understatement. This year had been pretty tough for us, we became empty nesters and Grandparents, furlough, Star Wars 7-9... It's been tough. But during the evening hours after work, lipos in hand, we can shut up, take off, and just fly... smiling.

Nicely done, gentlemen.
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They put me under the knife! I was performing as expected, as any good model would, and then some packages started arriving from Hobbyking, Tower Hobbies, and EBay. Then started the maniacal laughter, many visits to YouTube, and the sound of flashbulbs going off, like machine gun fire! Oh the horror! All to show Flite Test forum members my new threads!

E-Flite's Float Kit
E-Flite's 1.75" Alloy Spinner
APC 11x8.5 Thin Prop
Turnigy Trust 55A ESC
GT Power 8 LED Scale Lights
Dubro Sport Wheels 3" and 2.75"
HK Lipo Low Voltage Alarm

Here's a link to an album (Of Me!):

100_0866 Resize.jpg
100_1094 Resized.jpg
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