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  1. A

    Help! First time RC build: help with parts

    Hello everyone! I am new to building RC planes and I need help with parts. For my first project, i'd like to build a glider with a movable elevator and rudder (no ailerons). What do I need? I have a controller, and I know I need 2 servos/servo horns. What other fancy tech stuff do I need...
  2. hockeychris26

    6mm White Depron

    Hello all, I am selling my excess hobby grade depron. I have about 4 cases of 6x700x1000mm all from rcfoam.com. Each case has 20 sheets and I am selling each case for $100 ( plus shipping). I am trying to get rid of this stuff before I head back to college so I don't leave my poor mom with a...
  3. Fluburtur

    Arsenal VG-33 C1

    Enough teasing in other threads, now is time to make one dedicated for this one! First, a bit of history of this airplane. In 1937, the French air ministery wanted a light single seat fighter after realising in 1936 during the Spanish civil war that the french aviation wasn't really up to date...
  4. SP0NZ

    Plane XF Bloody Brit 1.0

    The XF Bloody Brit is a 3 or 4 channel foam board model aircraft designed for streamer or full-contact combat. It also makes a great all around park/sport flyer. It can be powered with either the Flite Test B or C Power Packs.
  5. T-Richard

    Resto-Mod Project HK Cessna 182 1500mm to STOL airplane - Log

    This is a progress log of my project to recycle and old Rc plane and turn it into a sort of fantasy STOL airplane. Inspired by the huge amounts of nice bush planes available on the market lately I wanted one of my own. I wanted mine to be different and also thrifty! I was originally going to...
  6. O

    Some questions about VTOL.

    Hello guys. I'm ocktiy, a RC vehicles enthusiast. I want to start building my first DIY airplane/drone/vtol. My requirements are: max wingspan 35-40 cm, total weight- about 300g, 4 engines(I want to be able to use it as a quad and as a plane). I'd like to use the N50 brushed motors. The design I...
  7. F

    Motor Help

    Hi! Does anyone have know any good RC plane (beginner park flyer) motors that are around 1,000-1500kv and only need a 20 amp esc? I know Flite Test store has the Emax GT2215 1100kv motor and I thought about just getting that but then I think I'd need a 30 amp esc (Wich is perfectly okay but I'm...
  8. S

    Help identifying motor?

    I recently was at an auction and got this motor out of an old plane and I want to know what it is. Its not letting me upload the pictures directly so her is a link: http://imgur.com/a/gZ7N1
  9. P

    Scratch Built Giant Super Sportster Idea

    I really want a giant super sportster, but being a fourteen year old who can't get a job I can't afford it. I have a regular sized nitro airplane similar to the sportster, but i want a BIG one! Since I can't afford the Great Planes ARF model I'm going to design one to be built using dollar tree...
  10. Azahari

    Aerobot dual robot arm airplane drone promo art

    Comment, please. Do you think it could fly? :) "AEROBOT" by AZAHARI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You are Free to use, share, modify, commercialize AEROBOT.
  11. Azahari

    Dual Robot Arm Airplane Drone

    Hi, my name Azahari. I'm from Malaysia. I designed a Dual Robot Arm Airplane Drone. Feel free to build, sell, commercialize AEROBOT. "AEROBOT" by AZAHARI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Download AEROBOT here...
  12. J

    Good first 3D and/or Sport Plane

    I know the guys are about the review the graupner HotTrigger but I wanted some input on what people think is the best 3D/sport plane. Some example of what I'm looking for...
  13. O

    Traxxas motor

    I have been given a Velineon 3500 motor, which comes out of an R/C car. Is there any reason I cannot use this in an airplane? I hate to waste a good (free!) motor.
  14. M

    BayRC.net Fly-in Extravaganza July 26th. Baylands Park Sunnyvale Ca.

    All are invited to Bayrc.net's first Bay Area fly in! I'm excited and it's coming up quick!. It's a day full of new faces, flying and fun. There will be several competitions through out the day as well as a BBQ and Raffle. Raffle prices include multirotor equipment form Quadrevo and...
  15. MojoFlyer

    Airplane extraction after tree "Landing"

    Parked/Landed my FT Tiny Trainer high up in a pine tree this evening after work. Tromped around in the thicket of vines and smaller trees below breaking rotting limbs off to try and throw at my plane. I hit the plane a few times, but it didn't budge. Got all scraped up in the process. Then...
  16. B

    Drone Plane

    A challenge to the inventional person. A quad-copter and airplane hybrid. It has to land vertically and have four motors that are arranged in a configuration that is in a normal quad-copter frame. I would love to see this in a way for this idea to work. once creating the frame, then make it...
  17. gustyk

    RC anyone? So let's see modelers...

    Way cool to see... may be this is my next RC project http://youtu.be/kzYb68qXpD0
  18. T

    Ultimate Airsoft Warbird

    Hello, I suggest you should build mini airsoft gun inside warbirds to have realistic dogfight. The small airsoft guns should be on the wings like real planes, such as supermarine spitfire.:D
  19. F


    I put my 64mm edf Dr. mad Thrust on my home made FT 22 Raptor with a 4 cell 2200 mah heres the Video sorry didnt have anybody to video it so had to just set the camera on the ground! flew great with no trim! :)
  20. C

    Funny Seagull Spacewalker Accident!

    Video I recorded a while back. I saw he came in pretty hot and close to the fence, I wanted to see him taxi it back. I'm sure glad I did! Plane suffered absolutely no visible damage. Funny video