Interesting Smithsonian Air and Space Museum video from Amy at The Vintage Space

  2. FlyNico

    I video I made about a year ago, when I started flying with the Sport Cub S, my first RC plane

    I really enjoyed making this and intend to make more now :) Just signed up and thought I'd share this here with like minded people.
  3. _sundstrom_

    FPV wings and drones on the frozen river.

    Made a edit from our yearly meet up on the ice! Flying both FPV wings and drones.
  4. BlueK

    Flight through clouds on a Mountain Peak FPV Quadcopter

    This time I found some clouds moving in fast on top of the Mountain and all I could thought was fast I have to fly up there! It was super windy up there but I really enjoyed that view only thing was I lost signal once in the clouds but managed to stay calm and focused on the sticks to move...
  5. Chuppster

    Best Value Action Cam

    I'm looking for an inexpensive action cam that I can stick to my airplanes and take video. I'm wondering what other people's experiences have been with other cameras on the market. As a member of the PCMR I need 60fps or everything looks choppy to me. I can happily do without 4k but 1920x1080...
  6. LAZY J

    LAZY J's super simple simple Storch build "THE BUDGIE"

    Hi all! Thought I would share my recently completed build of a 3 channel modification based on the FT Simple Storch - this one has come about due to the need of something nice and simple to introduce my 10 year old nephew to the art of aeromodelling. The general goal here was a simple three...
  7. zippity_doogah

    I got shot down while shooting video of an event.

    Yep. I can't believe I missed the gong as I was trying to correct myself.
  8. zippity_doogah

    Great shot of me being shot down

    Doing some aerial videography of an event for my company during an Archery Tag game... It didn't end well...
  9. N

    My 2017 Recap!!

    Just finished a compilation of some of the best flights from 2017, have a look and let me know what you think! Enjoy
  10. N

    My 2017 Recap!!!

    A compilation of my adventures this year, Enjoy!
  11. DiveBombRC

    Aerial Photgraphy service.

    I do work for: Real estate, action sports, cinematography and more. Check out my website at just getting started so contact me with questions, price is negotiable. includes short highlight edit or longer edit for different applications. let me know if you have any...
  12. G

    My FliteFest West 2017 Recap Video

    I had an absolute BLAST at FliteFest West this year. From meeting the crew and all the nice people to flying FPV and entering (and failing) in the final combat, it was a weekend to remember. Please do it again in Cali next year!! (I figured this belonged in the meetups category more than the...
  13. D

    Arizona Trip!

    Arizona Trip and Beautiful Desert! Hey guys, I don't normally post my videos on this forum, but I thought this video came out pretty nicely. I took my quad to Arizona during my vacation to see if I could find some good locations and get even better videos out of it. Turns out, Arizona is a...
  14. philgabanski

    New to this Video thing! My first on board video from my SU-34 Propjet!

    Hey all, This is my first on board video on my SU-34, was a little worried that the camera wouldn't stay on so I stuck with low rates. Camera stayed on fine luckily!
  15. VTX

    How I'm (trying) to build a mini arrow for as little money as possible This is the first of many parts, after this failure I am more motivated to get this thing to fly! I plan to use some 3D printed parts for the fuselage and upgrade the power system a bit. I'm really excited about this project and would...
  16. G

    New to the forum, just sayin' hi :)

    New to the forum, just sayin' hi - Check out my YT Vids :) Hey guys, So I've been watching FT on YouTube off-and-on forever (like probably since 2013), but since I'll be going to FliteFest West this year, I figured it'd be a good time to join the forum and see what's up. I'm 17 and live in...
  17. supersteef

    Any Tips For My Video's?

    Hello I love flying RC but I don't have a lot of experience with video editing. The Flite Test video's always look so clean and I wanted to know if anyone got some tip's (especially RC related) for me and maybe other beginners. Here is a video of me flying my 250 race quad...
  18. M

    Emergency 360 Video Help!

    I need someone with stitching software to help! I've been working on something really cool & am finally ready to start sharing details. However, I have a serious problem & need a hand. I designed & built a unique 360 camera rig that flies. A VR UAV. So far, it has exceeded my wildest...
  19. J

    Finally Bought A Phantom 4, WORTH

    for a long time i have always built my quads, the thinking behind this was why pay $1000+ for a camera platform. however this black Friday i decided to just go ahead and get a phantom and i couldn't be happier. my previous build was a FT electrohub build with a vector flight controller and...
  20. travelerdawg

    CPE Senior Design Project 2016

    Hello everyone, I am a senior Computer Engineer at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I have been approved by my professor to present a project to the class and university for consideration. This project involves developing a camera base with the capabilities of tracking a race drone...