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FT Toothless Sparrow

Recently I have been trying to get my wife into my new hobby. I built us a couple of FT Sparrows and was contemplating a paint scheme.

I was thinking stripes or simple patterns when she suggested something much cooler. Toothless, the nightfury dragon from the "How to train your dragon" movie.


Now looking at the FT Sparrow's V-Tail and the V-Tail of Toothless, I saw this was going to be a perfect paint scheme. So I broke out the black spraypint and got to work. I had to add a small piece for the ears, as well as some cutout eyes glued to the side. The resulting work turned out amazing! Not only did I get an excelent looking aircraft, I also got her more excited to try and fly it!



I also made a handy carrying device to make it easier to travel to and from the field. It also doubles to protect the tail fins. I was inspired by the new FT backpacks, and how the FT Super Bee can be banded together for travel.


I can't wait to get this thing out and maiden it. So far just a few glide tests in the backyard. Still not sure how from only 2 feet off the ground she got it to nosedive so hard it ejected the battery and pulled the speed control off the motor...
Apparently I'm going to need to do a little more reinforcement or something still before we get to powered flight. :)


Wake up! Time to fly!
That looks really cool. Have you flown it yet? I am curious if that piece you added on top of the nose would have an effect on flight and push the nose down all the time. In any case GL with the maiden and get us some video please.