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  7. M

    Solved Landing gear and paint questions...

    First question... what is the scale of the mighty mini corsair? Trying to get the scale so I can get the right size landing gear. Second question... What primer and paint would I use? Third question: If I want four cell power, which power pack would I buy?
  8. Incader

    Help! What Paint theme should I go for on the FT Tutor?

    I was thinking about a yellow lightning bolt Cub style with a white body? Or maybe even stars and bars?
  9. markfickett

    Spray painted FT TT and Explorer, notes on sanding/masking

    I painted my FliteTest planes! Rust-Oleum spray paint, matte base coat with gloss color coat + gloss clear coat. I didn't end up needing to sand for good adhesion even on taped areas. I had some dollar-store foam core board and some lasercut semi-waterproof. I had already been flying the planes...
  10. M

    Help! Painting Fiberglass fuse

    When i paint my fiber-glass fuse, the paint and primer starts to bubble up. Any idea why. I used normale water based spackle. And epoxy resin
  11. M

    Raw Foam edges

    Hi Guys, New to the RC scene and also scratch builds, I’m currently building an f22, plans from FT. How can I cover the edges where foam is exposed to give a neater finish? im looking to spray the plane with acrylic, is this suitable? thanks
  12. C

    Help! How can I paint this styrofoam model to look like the image?

    How to get such a high quality finish? Starting with Plain white styrofoam that the kit came in and ending with the below effect.
  13. Daniel Kezar

    Minwax and Paint on DTFB for Waterproofing

    i was wondering about people's experiences with minwax on dtfb for waterproofing. i have a couple varieties in the basement (one can of wood stain and one spray can kind) and a few projects that i want to waterproof so i can fly in winter. i want to see what works best and good ways to use it...
  14. P

    New Simple Scout with 3D printed parts and Vinyl decals...

    Here is a shot of my new Simple Scout with 3D printed cylinders, wheels, and pilot. I also did the vinyl decals myself. I'm very excited about what this new technology will bring to this hobby!
  15. Aretaic

    Automotive Paint (!/?)

    Just scratch built my second 4ch FT Simple Cub with pontoons, and I'm liking the finished product more than my first attempt - enough to want to paint it! So I'm not a veteran of the Flite Test community or anything (having only built two planes), but I do work as an automotive painter at a...
  16. Aretaic

    Hello Hello!

    Howdy - Just put together a 4ch FT Simple Cub and spent a rainy evening adjusting gimbals and programming my new QX7 tx. I've watched all the FT videos I can find, so here I am on the forums! I've always wanted to get into RC flight since I was a kid, but was only ever able to peruse the...
  17. Rames

    Natural Aluminum Finishes

    In preparation of painting my FT Sea Duck, I wanted a simple and effective way to produce a natural aluminum finish. Peter Sripol's method of sanding everything first produced excellent results; however, it is time consuming. I evaluated three enamel spray paints with and without primer. For...
  18. FoamyDM

    Stripes - What's your method?

    How do you add thin to med-width stripes on your build models? Marker Vinyl Cut Packing Tape Printed decal with Super77 Spray Paint - Masked Other The reason for my request: I have a few of my builds I want to add stripes to. Some fat. Some thin. As you may see in my profile/posts, I...
  19. tmack

    Help DTFB is warping after painting

    I am trying to paint flat sheets of Dollar Tree foam board. I am trying to dry brush acrylic very lightly and thinly. I thought about diluting it with 91% rubbing alcohol, but I think the paper on the foam board is shrinking after it drys and warping the board. Spray paint gets through the...
  20. nhk750

    Pre-painting foam board?

    I just finished my first Speed build kit, the Storch, using the water resistant foam board kit. I painted it with Bin Zinzer sealer then Rustolium and it came out kinda rough. I didn't care to much anyway as this is my first foam board plane and it is going to be a trainer, so it looks ok for a...