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FT Trainer vs FT Cub as first plane?

I built the FT Explorer last year and spectacularly crashed it about 20 times. I had a couple of decent flights but the plane is too big and I didn't have the proper prop on it (I cut the powerpack prop to work). I have a powerpack b, taranis tx/rx, and a 2200mAh battery. What would be the best plane to start with? I think 4 channel will be easier to fly based on sim time and most of the time I crashed the FT explorer because I tried to turn too sharp and couldn't bank the plane, stalling it or hitting trees.

Would the smaller A pack with the tiny trainer or the cub with the B pack be the way to go?


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both are the same and different, both are good planes to fly but if you have a 2200mAh it will fit more on the cub. with the power pack b.


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The TT is much more versatile, it can be a glider, 3ch trainer, 4ch trainer and teach you acrobatics, inverted flight plus with a flatter sport wing or SpiTT conversion it can do almost anything, all off the same basic airframe.
It’s modular too, if you smash it you only have to rebuild the nose or wing (or both lol!) as opposed to the whole fuselage.
If you build it light, with an 1806/2400kv and small (cheap) sub 850mah batteries it’s plenty floaty too. Mine goes full vertical on 2s with a 6x4 APC prop. Batteries, 5g servos plus this motor are under $25.
Add a 1mm shim to the leading edge of the wing where it sits against the fuselage to add incidence, it glides a bit better then.
You can add undercarriage as well.


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With the parts you have I'd say neither. The 2200 won't fit in the TT, and it'll make the cub too heavy.

Build a simple scout. It can handle the 2200 and it will still fly nicely.


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I do agree about TT and versatility but you got too big a battery for it and a 2200 is on the big size too for the Cub (although I have heard people use them). If plane size weren't an issue I'd actually suggest the FT Simple Storch (5 foot wingspan). Simple Scout is a good suggestion, I haven't flown it BUT did fly the mini version and it's a good plane.


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As others have said, your equipment will work on the Storch, the Cub or another Explorer. You could also consider the Bushwhacker.
Hard to go wrong with so many good choices.


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I really like the Simple Scout (NOT the mini)...
It'll fly with the equipment you already have and is a solid choice.