FT VersaWing aerial video on maiden flights


Winter is coming
This is my 2nd ever FliteTest build, with the first being the still great FT-22. They kind of look similar too:


I guess there's something about elevon controlled planes I like. Might have to do with my first trainer plane being the elevon configured Delta Ray.

I saw the Versa Wing as the perfect bigger brother to the Delta Ray, especially coupled with the powerful "The Beef" electronic package from LazerToyz. I'm still too new to the hobby to want to risk sourcing everything myself, so having the kits available to purchase is brilliant.

Here's a video I made to document my first flights with this wing:

I learned / relearned a few things from my flights.

  • The "overhead" launch method is easy and a great way to launch a wing!
  • Having the high rates made for a dizzying video, but is great in a smallish flying field surrounded by trees.
  • When you think it might be too windy, it is too windy for any fun flying, especially in small areas.

The build:

  • FT VersaWing speed build kit.
  • http://lazertoyz.com/ "The Beef" electronics package.
  • http://callie-graphics.com/ Vinyl graphics
  • Walkera Devo8S TX with DeviationTX 4.0.1 firmware
  • Walkera Devention RX802 RX
  • Mobius ActionCam (40g)
  • 72g of nose weight (in MX pesos (55) and $1 AUS coins)