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versa wing

  1. FT Versa Wing

    FT Versa Wing

    This was the first paint job that I have ever done on a plane. The plane itself didn't fly at all and I eventually took it apart.
  2. F


    the first plane I ever built with the help of the plans on amazing ft site it is near 700 gr and it is 150cm long
  3. Versa Wing

    Versa Wing

  4. 07-11-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 4 Channels, Simple Soarer, Versa Wing [First Time Maidens] [GoPro]

    07-11-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 4 Channels, Simple Soarer, Versa Wing [First Time Maidens] [GoPro]

    Went solo to keep training on the 4 channels TT, and also try to maiden the Versa Wing and Simple Soarer
  5. 26-09-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 3 Channels + FT Versa Wing First Maiden [GoPro]

    26-09-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 3 Channels + FT Versa Wing First Maiden [GoPro]

    Took the kids to the field to show them what I have learned to do with the 3 Channel Tiny Trainer and also to try and maiden the Versa Wing that I have built.
  6. DrDan

    Versa Wing HELP!

    OK, I've built THREE versa wings, following the build to the "T". Two PUSHERS and one PULLER. I would say that they flew horrible but they never even got that far in the air! Most of the tie they fly up at about a 45 degree angle FLIP over rapidly and NOSEDIVE in to the ground (the HARD Arizona...
  7. S

    Carbon Fiber Versa Wing

    I printed out the plans for the versa wing tiled them together and transferred them to foam board. Im intending on doing a blunt nose versa wing for fpv. Im in the process of the covering procedure today ill be using west systems 105 and 205 epoxy resin and hardener (was hoping i had 207...
  8. tmack

    My first Versa Wing build

    This was from templates I cut from DTFB. The next one will be better, you learn a lot going through the process the first time. I covered the top with Yellow packing tape so we will know if it is inverted or not. We are going to fly with a power pod to start. I have an Emax 2812, so it...
  9. tmack

    Template for FT Versa Wing

    I cut the first half of the FT Versa Wing and realized that I am going to probably do this several more times. My son wants to race and combat together, plus his friends are going to get hooked when they see this plane. With a bunch of 13 year olds I figure I might be building a few of these...
  10. S

    Suggestions for Versa Wing

    Hi, I am looking at getting my second plane, the Versa Wing. Looks like a fun next step up from my Sky Surfer. I am hoping for some speed and ease of build. Have a few questions. 1. Power pack kit or buy electronics seperately? (which engine, esc, etc.) 2. Prop suggestions? (moderate speed) 3...
  11. D

    Blunt Nose Versa Wing: Did I Choose the Right Motor for SPEEEEED?

    Hi, All! So, I'm hoping I picked a good motor that will give me sick speed on my Blunt Nose Versa Wing build, now in progress. I'll be running a 4s 2250 LiPo, 60A BL Heli ESC, and a SunnySky 2820-6 / 920 KV. I know the KV is a bit low, but here's the stats on an APC 11x8 prop (which I know is...
  12. X

    New to Flite Test, Need help on the Versa Wing loops and other aerobatics

    Hey everyone, My name is Axel and I just started again in the hobby. I flew for maybe 5 years when I was youger all kind of planes ( Foamy high wing trainers, Depron miniplanes, Big motoglider) and a bit of helicopter. That was just when the brushless motors started to become popular in my...
  13. J

    Help with Versa Wing please!

    Im still new with RC planes and I have no help where I live. I learn from the internet. I started building with Balsa and crashed all my planes (expensive) so I came across Flite Test. I build the Ft trainer and the Versa Wing but I can't seem to get one in the air? They just dive straight into...
  14. H

    Just Starting the Hobby and I have the 1st of Many Questions

    Hello, I am a complete noob to the RC community. I randomly fell upon the flite test youtube channel and I have been binge watching for almost two months now. When you are deployed in the military and not flying missions what else is there is to do? LOL! Before I am lit up for not searching...
  15. M

    Share your flitetest versa wing setup (aka specs)

    What is your setup for the Flite test versa wing? (especially intressted in servos) so i made a Flite test versa wing a while ago and started as a tractor, wasnt very impressed so moved to a pusher with 200 watts of power. Was very impressed. I did not have enough up elevator tho... Today i...
  16. Z

    Motor for more Versa Wing power?

    Hi everyone, First post! I am pretty new to fixed wing, having flown multis for a couple of years now. I have built a versa wing as well as a blunt nosed versa, and I really love this plane for line of sight and FPV. The blunt's wings are filled with expanding foam, and it's super...
  17. C

    My Versa Wing! in patagonia

  18. K

    64mm Awesome looking edf versa wing fpv

    Hi guys, i am building an edf versa wing for my DT GCSE, its pretty much finished now and i was wondering if anyone had any comments on it. I will be posting an article as soon as i have some nice footage but that may not be until after the project is submitted so ill post some images and a...
  19. Y

    Versa Wing tractor setup

    My Versa Wing is ready to maiden. I've decided to fly with a tractor config for a while powered by an 8X4 prop, Emax GT2210/11 motor, 20A ESC and 1800mAh 3S Battery (Lazertoyz "BEEF" option). With added weight and power, how secure is the powerpod attachment ?. In the "Speed Challenge"...