1. A

    Setting FPV for 250mm Quadcopter

    Hi there fellas, I've built a quad(250mm) using these parts: 1. ZMR250 clone frame 2. Naze32 10DOF Rev6 3. Emax 12a BLHeli esc 4. Marspowers mx1806-2280kv motors 5. 2000 mah 3s-30c Lipo Battery 6. Flysky FS-i6 tx with an ia6 receiver. I want to add an fpv system on the quad. But the thing is I...
  2. M

    Mobius Dock Power

    I am a newbe when it comes to FPV. I am building the VersaCopter 280 just like Flitetest did a build video on. I am going to use a Mobius w/Transmitter Dock. I would like to wire in a voltage alarm. I am going to use a zippo 2200mAh 4c but Flitetest used a 3c so I might get a few 3c's. I am...
  3. P

    Bird of prey. Straight ahead.

    A brief encounter with something like a buzzard. To see the bird go to 1 min 02 sec! Setup: radian + mobius.
  4. S

    Mobius video file name reset off for a new SD card?

    Hello, I've been using my Mobius action cam for over a year for Aerial video & FPV, everything works good Except for the video file names. Each time I: • Put in a new SD Card • Format a SD Card • Delete all videos out of the SD card but keep the DCIM the file name always goes back to...
  5. The-One-Who-Never-Crashes

    New Mobius-style Action Cam

    Just saw this at GetFPV. Looks just like a Mobius or a Runcam, but this thing can record in 1080p at 60fps! Doesn't cost much more, either. Can also do 720p at 120fps and take 16MP stills. Comes with an A/V out cable. This camera can also be programmed by plugging one of the ends of the A/V...
  6. J

    Mobius Camera Repair

    I've begun using a mobius camera, and after a nasty crash, the camera lens has a scratch on it. I'm going to buy a couple of replacement lenses (at about 1/2 the cost of the camera itself), and have already seen a video on how to swap out the lens/sensor. Does anyone know how to remove a...
  7. N

    Killing a mobius

    So.... I went out for some flying and tuning yesterday and was messing around with autotune on PID controller 3 just to see what it would do (it was pretty close to my tuned values but with more P,I and less D) but I was also experimenting with the Pitch/Roll Rates. I flipped it into...
  8. APlane

    New to FPV, Problem Recieving Video Signal

    Hello! I recently invested in some fpv equipment, but when I powered it all up, the monitor shows no video. Here is a video of exactly how it is set up. If anyone can find a problem, please let me know, since I have no idea why it does not work. My Setup: Mobius Action Camera readymaderc...
  9. B

    Mobius Vibration Dampening Camera Mount

    Hey, Here is my re-design of David Windestål's Vibration Dampening Camera Mount Kit to hold a Mobius action cam, for you guys who don't want to be a hero. Also here's my photos of me putting it together (sorry about the messy workbench) Here's Davids vidio instructions to put it together...
  10. D

    Idea for aerial video episode

    hi all, I really loved this week's episode with Eric explaining some principles of aerial videography - I can't tell you how much value it adds to my hobby time when experienced guys care enough to go into depth on their subject of expertise. It gave me an idea for a future episode which...
  11. FlyingMaddLadd

    SK450 Deadcat FPV - Filming TBS Wing

    Hello, I bought a sk450 deadcat a few months ago and a while after that i got FPV setup on it. I have only recently began to fly FPV and i have made my first video while using the mobius to record at the same time as giving me live feed. I'd like to share this video with you all and would love...
  12. L

    Mobius Gimbal

    I have designed a 2 axis Mobius gimbal on google scetchup. It is in the printing process, it might take some time.Any thoughts?
  13. L

    MultiWii Flip 1.5 Controlled Tilt Servo

    Hello all, I have plans to build my own version of a Spider Hex Mini Quad. It is still very much on the drawing board and I want to finalize the design until I begin cutting and spending. I do have an idea that I want to run by the community….. In my opinion, the best Mini-multirotor video...
  14. R

    FPV lenses and VIRTUAL ACCELERATION affecting Mobius, GoPro and Fatshark ?

    FPV lenses, being tiny, cause an exaggeration of distance, an elongation of it, like looking through the wrong end of a telescope. I noticed this because the paddock next door to my house became huge; and the village 2 miles away almost invisible, although perfectly visible to the naked eye...
  15. R

    Blunt Nose Versa Wing Aerial Video Compiliation - More than just your average FPV vid

    I'd like to think that this is not the typical aerial FPV video we have all come to know. In addition to flying I really enjoy the creative potential for using remote rc aerial footage to make video art. I'm just experimenting with the whole process and hope you enjoy this "testing". The...
  16. colorex

    Resize 1080p or record 720p?

    Hey guys, Long time no post. I just got my Mobius HD camera. I have intentions to upload all (most) of my edited videos in 720p - both YouTube and Vimeo. So, for this purpose, what would give the better quality? Recording in 1080p and resizing in Premiere Pro Recording directly to 720p...
  17. makattack

    FT VersaWing aerial video on maiden flights

    This is my 2nd ever FliteTest build, with the first being the still great FT-22. They kind of look similar too: I guess there's something about elevon controlled planes I like. Might have to do with my first trainer plane being the elevon configured Delta Ray. I saw the Versa Wing as the...
  18. S

    Problem with Mobius Cam (wide angle)

    Hi, I'm using a Mobius cam as a dashboard cam at the moment, but it has a slight jerkiness to the footage which puts me off getting another one for flight recording or FPV. I'll upload an example video to youtube and hope the problem is still visible. It's a Mobius with a wide lens Recording...