FTCC'18 WWII - Blohm & Voss Ha-137 V5




Pictures of V4:


The Hamburger Flugzeugbau's design team initiated work on a dive-bomber in 1933. The Ha-137 was developed around a wing based on a single strong tubular spar which also would serve as the primary fuel tank. Three prototypes were completed during 1934-35, and tests began during the summer of 1935. Two further prototypes were built to take the new power plant. Powered by the 610 h.p. Jumo 210Aa. The new prototypes were the Ha 137V4 (D-IFOE) and V5 (D-IUXU). The radial-engined and inline-engined versions were referred to respectively as the Ha 137A and Ha 137B, the latter being the proposed production versions. The Jumo-powered Ha 137 participated in the dive-bomber contest held at Rechlin in June, 1936, but the aircraft was obviously inferior to the Junkers Ju 87, and no production orders were placed.

Crew: 1
Length: 9,46 m
Height: 5,0 m
Wingspan: 11,15 m
Empty weight: 2 485 kg
Takeoff weight: 3 800 kg
Powerplant: Jumo 210Aa inline
Horsepower: 610 hp
Max speed: 340 km/h
Ceiling: 7 000 m
Range: 575 km
Armament: 2 x 7,9 MG-17 machine guns | 2 x 20mm MG FF cannons | 4 x 50 kg bombs

Model Specs:
Scale: 1:10
FT Power Pack: C
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Haven't heard of this one before! Looks very interesting I especially like the inverted gull wing. Interested to see this develop!


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Subscribed, reminds me of the corsair wing in profile. I'll be watching this for sure... Keep at it


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Have you been able to make any more progress on this one? Love your other plans and have high hopes for a really quality plans set on this one :)


Yes, the fuselage is almost done. It is longer than one sheet of foam, so i have to divide it. I'm working on the wing now.

There is a lot of posterbord sheetings and other parts to do.