FTFC21 - Seaplane Design & Build by FoamyDM, Junker J-1000


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I made some progress on this one today I ironed out the trailing edges of both the top and bottom of the wing and rounded over the exposed leading edge at the wingtips as well as determined what I was going to do with The spar I still have an extra piece and I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with it.
It's clear that it's possible to mock up a cabin or so and mix The spar and have an fpv camera in there as if you're a passenger which would be pretty neat.
There's definitely enough room for those with pension for small modeling. And I don't think it would add much weight just due to its small scale. The 80-in wingspan is really showing at this point and I'm wondering if I should find a way to separate the wingtips from the main fuse section.
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
After fairly long build night, I managed to turn this from the previous entries relatively flat forms to something that resembles the finished product a lot closer.
IMG_20210528_223902510.jpg IMG_20210528_224459910.jpg
IMG_20210529_000903737.jpg IMG_20210529_000919537.jpg IMG_20210529_001121254.jpg
I cut slits in the Aladdin shoes to notch out with a spar fits into it and cut slits on the bottom of the main center section of the fuse to key in the Aladdin shoes that I need to go back and fix the plans for but it creates a strong sturdy Bond both through glue and a mechanical coupling. In addition, I glued the flat underside to the top at each outside corner, and added a bbq skewer brace to support the outer wing. I have noticed, when removing the paper to induce a curl... The wingtips tend to sag. The helps the ailerons continue to move freely too.
IMG_20210528_224226850.jpg IMG_20210528_224106429.jpg IMG_20210528_223848694.jpg IMG_20210528_223839056.jpg IMG_20210528_223833760.jpg IMG_20210528_223826510.jpg IMG_20210528_223822143.jpg
The front elevator is just attached with a single barbecue skewer post and then glued on the front of the shoe.
I had made guide marks for the drag-rudders and I offset the edge of the center fuse to keep the rear rudders parallel to that line.
IMG_20210529_000914026.jpg IMG_20210529_000903737.jpg

I noticed it in this alpha bill there's a couple slight pieces that may not be parallel but I'm not sure that they'll make a big difference here. We'll see.
I also found out that 29 g of weight on the toe of Aladdin shoe 11 in from the center of gravity mark balance is the plane.
IMG_20210529_002925622.jpg IMG_20210529_002933711.jpg
This is a lot less weight than I expected. This should be fun! Or disappointing. My vote is fun. :p


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Building Fool-Flying Noob
I was the first like. What do I win?
My heartfelt thanks. :)
I would have liked to see a bit better glides then that myself, but your canard was rather floppy.
I agree. There were a number of hard Nose-in "landings", before I found something that got close. I will go and glue the canard back down, now that I have a better handle on the best angle. Then install a motor. It is a VERY big wing.