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FTFC: FT-Build-ruary by Foam Test - The Bloody Stang


Toothpick glider kid
The Bloody Mustang XL

Just a little history on this awesome bird, it was designed by one of the great designers on the Bloody WWII Baby! thread. It was originally designed as a mini and I had asked for a larger version to be powered by a power pack C and they delivered big time. Also I may have started this build slightly before the start date so there goes 5 points but whatever, it's still not completely done but it is mostly done, I just need BBQ skewers for the power pod. Here is a pic of it so far
I know it's almost done but I wanted to get a total of four builds done, if I get four others than this will just be a build post for this plane. I am in school right now so I can't do the build post now but I will later.