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FTFC'18 WWII Daimler-Benz Projekt B


Wake up! Time to fly!
Finally getting around to checking out what everyone has been doing on these projects. Just watched the flight video. :applause: Great job on these guys. Nice pilot skills too. The mother ship looks like a handful getting it to the ground safely.

Will this all get prettied up for the FF debut or will they stay in FT brown traditional scheme?


Free Flight Indoorist
Where's the beef - uh, I mean, foam?
I tried making a similarly sized (and much more optimal layout) glider this past weekend, and the lack of performance of that airplane (80% reduction in performance compared to the matching and intentionally suboptimal balsa model made alongside it) led me to conclude that there's almost no hope of getting this thing to fly as a foamboard airplane. Maybe as a glider, if you're dropping it from waaaaay up and not expecting anything more than a slightly controlled fall.


Free Flight Indoorist
Just one change and now it flies great!

Also, the plans files and information on Post #1 have been updated to reflect the current state of the project. I need to put some markings on these plans to finish them out and then work on an instruction manual.
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