FTFC'18 WWII Ryan FR-1 Fireball designed by Strix


Thanks Rockyboy for organizing this! I'm looking forward to losing more living space to foamboard prototypes.

"The Ryan FR Fireball was a mixed-power (piston and jet-powered) fighter aircraft designed by Ryan Aeronautical for the United States Navy during World War II."

Wikipedia Entry on Ryan FR-1 Fireball


Carrier take-off. Note the jet engine supplementing the Wright Cyclone in the nose.

This one at the Chino Air Museum says 'TEST' in huge yellow letters. How cool is that?! :cool:

I'll be starting with this 3-view.


Of course I'm planning to have an EDF as well as a prop. I'd like to have retractable gear, too... but could live without it.

The presence of mixed power, however, is non-negotiable. :D
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Awesome! Looks like we get two of these prop and edf designs now!! Very excited to see how they work! :)


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This is a pretty righteous plane.

If you still in it to win it we'd love your input in the Team ALLIED FORCES page.

This would be a really neat plane to see fly.


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Very cool. Are you going to use a slick wing design like nerdnic's speed wing? This has the potential to be fast if you use a fast prop/motor combination, but the prop also has the potential to be a source of drag if you're outside of its envelope.


I haven't decided much on wing design yet, and you are correct that the prop is a huge source of drag.

On the real aircraft, the pilot could stop the engine and feather the prop for high-speed jet-powered operation. I won't be able to feather the prop, but I should be able to stop it. If the ESC prop brake is insufficient to completely stop propeller rotation, I will add a mechanical brake as well. I don't care so much about the extra drag of a rotating propeller... but I want the prop stopped in flight while making high-speed passes powered by the 'jet' engine.

As for the prop's motor, I won't be going for speed. That's what the EDF is for! 250W or so on the prop should be plenty. It just needs enough power for a decent take-off and some sedate aerobatics, then the plane will switch to the EDF and increase the top speed by 50% or more. I'm going to aim for around 40 MPH top speed on the prop, and hope for 60+ under EDF power.

I think it will be great fun to take off on the propeller, with no hint of the EDF lurking within. Spectators would think it was a Hellcat or something, until it starts making whooshing noises and the propeller stops. :)


UPDATE: As I haven't really made any progress on this project, and I have many other things vying for my attention, I have decided to put this on the back burner for now. I simply don't have the time. :(

But I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's work at FliteFest! :)