FTFC19 - Heaven's Spade Sparrow - by FoamyDM


Building Fool-Flying Noob
This is the entry of HEAVEN'S SPADE - SPARROW (light Fighter). as design and build by me, FoamyDM.

This craft is inspired by Crimson Skies Board and Video Game of the same name.
The artist envisioned another sect called Heaven's Spade, and visualized 3 different classes of craft for the new group. The smallest is a Light Fighter called the Sparrow

using this picture and the top and side views here I put together a preliminary plan set.
Version Apha 2 Plans
(update from alpha build notes)


Design Decisions:
I decided on a stepped KFM style airfoil as the craft pictured seems to have very flat wing-form.
To get it designed built simpler I chose to build the fuslage as a box. As the scale left little room for a 5" prop, I took liberties to taper the rear of the plane.
I wanted this plane to fly well with an 1806 Type A motor system . craft should be light and agile, as it is a light fighter, but I need to to be flyable for all. (this may be beyond my skills)

Stage 1 - Plans cutting
If you haven't guessed, I wanted this to fit on one sheet if I could. It makes it more fun, and easier to me to build a small fleet of these.


Part 2 - Folding and Gluing
Most of this build will be similar to what you might expect.
  • Fold-over KFM
  • A or B Fold Fuse
  • Tail Assemblagle
  • Power Pod per the FT Normal
Things outside the normal and things that needed adjustment from the basic plans were

thinner scoop, and a small return at the front edge.
the beak needed to be about 50% larger (pictured below)

IMG_20190103_001820959.jpg IMG_20190103_000912776.jpg IMG_20190103_001100188.jpg

Pieced Together:
The rear was a large box. but a small section was cut out (approx 1x3 triangle) of the top and bottom panels at the rear. This also allowed a 5" prop to peek out from the back panel.
Here are the plans folded and glued.

Glide Test:
I balanced the plane about the step half-way down the step length. to do this I strapped two 300mah single cells to the nose. and tossed across the house. This yielded great results. so I marked it.

Here is a picture of the mounted electronices:
(insert picture)


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Building Fool-Flying Noob
Had a few minutes... So I installed a servo and cut out a canopy.
Note the angle of the servo is perpendicular to the offset aileron controller arm. No wait, it's not hmm.

I wish I cut the servo holes out prior to putting the wing in.
I installed a back lip, front corner pins, and a front tab in the new canopy. As well as a lip in the fuselage. I intend to install magnets in the returns. I should be able to get the other servos in tonight and test it.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
It did. it failed and then nosed in, I couldn't get it to fly or coast. it just nosed in. again... and again... the beak is a great crumple zone!
I see where I put the footage.
or I will film it Gliding, and crashing.