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FTFC19 Hughes Lockheed Firebrand By jpot1 and Michael763


Elite member
Alpha build in progress to see how things will look. Wing goes together very easily, double spar (for now) at the wing root and tapered further out.



We are thinking about an octagonal or greater number of faces for the fuse. Toying with some layouts - following methods that @DamoRC uses.



Knower of useless information
Please please PLEASE provide these plans if you get it built. I've been wanting the Devastator plans that were floating around a while back, but they never surfaced. :( Crimson Skies was one of my favorite PC games, flying some of those planes were great. I was thinking at one point of the J-2 Fury, but I couldn't get motivated enough to build it.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Check out some of the Heaven's Spade one's I'm putting together... in the challenge. too. as half are Crimson Skies inspired.