FTFC19 MiG-37B Ferret-E designed by Craftydan


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How does it handle?

Handles pretty good so long as you stay out of the high alpha, which can be hard to get out of because it just starts falling. It's *very* responsive in roll at higher speeds and barely responsive in roll at low speeds (fortunately it's also very stable in roll at low speeds). Get the speed up and it becomes a true point and shoot airplane. Unfortunately that gives you maybe 3 minutes of power. It climbs with reasonable authority, but you can't really throttle back to cruise. Hopefully going to 4s will alleviate that.

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Dan upgraded to 4s. Watch the insane shenanigans here:

And the prototype stayed behind at my house while Dan works on some updates. I'm hoping to maiden it on a new 6s setup this week. If that works out, it'll be completely awesome. Ecalc says I'll just barely burn up the FT Radial motor if I leave it at WOT. :ROFLMAO:


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. . . and Version 2 is done! Full EDF, and now with 100% more plans!!! (see post #3).

Build video is uploading. Google estimates it'll be up in a mere 14 hrs :p