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FTFC20 Dunne type Tailless Flyer by FoamyDM


Building Fool-Flying Noob
So I had an unfortunate day at the field. Specifically with this plane... It started with three nose-ins.
Then a fourth poor launch... The fifth got up ( got on the controls fast enough )
This flew for about 100' and during a short unexpected turn. It twirled to the ground with collapsed wings.

I learned a few things about the build.
  • The nose needs to be reinforced.
  • The servos extension holes should be installed flat. And clipped
  • The skids should be anchored more solidly
  • next build I need to mark the cg on the upper wing.
  • I should add wing dihedral should be braced to promote it
It was time to build another, now I have a good reason. This time I will film it

I may have some on-board of the crashed.
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
The reinforcement is probably more to ensure the wings stay together in a crash.

The landing skids, and crumpling fuse may have allowed for intact wings after five crashed. V2 needs to have slots and tabs. It will help mechanically lock the pieces, In the event the glue fails.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
After the 5failed launched and wing folding "success" of Saturday, I re-constructed the leftovers. Surprisingly it wasn't as far gone as it looked. I did NOT rebuild the boat. Didn't need it. The battery sits right at the front of the wing 1500 3S or 2200. I continued to try a rolling takeoff, but they are eluding me still.
The launch has been tricky I started with a few clicks of up trim to ensure a slight upward take on release.:
Here is the rest of the flight... I had a couple tumbles that took a small toll and decided to cut it, rather then push it