Gee Bee Q-1 Ascender - Design by FoamyDM


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The Gee Bee Ascender - Design by FoamyDM
After conversing with @FlyingTyger on my Podcast where Tony covered the history of the Granville Brother Aircraft Company. In that conversation, he talk about the Q-1 Ascender, I knew at first glance I had to try my hand. If you want to hear the conversation we had, you can listen/watch here.

History and Full-scale Specs:
Ascender 1931
26hp Aeronca E-107 pusher;
span: 38'0" length: 19'0" to 23'3" (uncertain);
first flight: 12/1/31 (p: Z Granville).
Designer: Zantford Granville, Robert Hall.
Canard configuration with a forward rudder and elevator used extended Aeronca wings.
1 was Built [X757N] c/n Q-1,
claimed to have been built in about one week at a cost of $500. Crashed in a low-level spin on 1/1/32 and was scrapped
Short Flight Video:

Ascender hand drawing by Tom Hallen
Check here for a Build log of a 1:72 scale foam model

Preliminary Plan for the 1:12 scale RC Model

Plan PDF [Pending]

Model Specification:
Wingspan = 35"
Length = 21.5"
Motor: 2205 2300kv
Prop 0545 3 blade
ESC: 20A
4ch 3-9g servo
1300mah 3S or 4S battery

Maiden Flight: