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FTFC20 - KK invader


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This is a beautiful plane! I know the challenge specs call for using an FT power pack, but it's just a couple points in the scoring if you choose to build her as an unpowered glider. But it would be even more awesome if you had a removable power pod that would convert it back to a pure glider... :cool:

But seriously, don't mind me here - just make something you'll love and we'll all cheer for it! :D


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lol ....i built that one from a kit back in the seventies...tissue/dope covered !! was a fun flier ,even as a free flight ...did not last too long though. rc was out of my reach in those days .


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I got a bit sidetracked with another project (the ridge rat inspired by thenated0g), but the CAD is out of the way, so now to convert the Invader to 3D. I definitely will use the DLG wing technique for all wing surfaces, but this time minus the outer paper - a la @TooJung2Die!
I'll be watching this. Are you going to include rudders or make it bank-n-yank? I have another balsa old-timer kit with the same tail as the Invader. I've been delaying the build because I haven't sorted out in my mind how to control the dual rudders. I think you can make just one active rudder and leave the other fixed. Woodward's Invader has fixed tail surfaces and uses the pitcheron (wingeron?) wing for all control.
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Wow that is impressive. I kind of figured that is what was happening. Never seen that before. I'm assuming there is no full scale applications of this in real life? Are there advantages in this for slope soaring?


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I think the simple way to make the pitcherons is to have an axle built into the base wing section and tubes inserted into the wings - a simple pin at each end will secure the wings onto the axle - depending on the total weight of the ship the length of the axle can be assessed. :D

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 5.55.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 5.55.55 PM.png