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FTFF15 Flight Line Team


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My primary allegiance is with parking, but when they kick me off there I'd be more than willing to try and help you guys out. I don't have a ton of experience so I wouldn't be of much help at the beginners flight line, but if it's any like last year, there are plenty of people standing around near the flite line to try and make feel welcome.
Schmuck is not much of a title but im in for schmuckdom.. Im a club instructor of 25 years my son age 17 loves to assist newbs.. we plan to arrive Wednesday. Psyched.
Hey greaves! So joining me on flight line huh? Gonna be a repeat from Efest? Lol been trying to convince Phil to come down too can't wait to see you again bud.


I build things that fly (sometimes)
I've reached out to flying monkey and will be helping out where needed. I've done a fair amount of event flying and would be happy to help on the flight line. That's where all the good action is anyway :)


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Did I hear my name?

Not much to do yet. If there's anything else we come up with that we need in advance from you guys, I'll send out an email.
Flight Line Leader?!

Hey Everyone! So Flying Cirkus wont be able to attend FF2015 this year so Flying Monkey in his infinite wisdom has picked this dumb block here to lead us here on Flight Line. (big gulp) So any questions comments or concerns please bring them up.

Let me get this straight. We have about 8 weeks to go, and so far the Flite Line crew is...
Bloody Micks and Daughter
Grenadapult and Son

5 people. [gulp]
Don't know if you listen to the podcast Grenadapult but I guess we're up to almost 100 volunteers so I know as we get set up we'll be getting more people assigned to us to use and abuse.

And in case you haven't been following it in the regular forum they've hired someone to do the FPV Management from MultiGP. BUT he's asking for 6-8 volunteers to help him run that. Now if you want to go help some on that (I might even too since I love FPV) that's cool but please keep in mind that the flight line is WAY more than just FPV. I've been listening to some of the other volunteer areas and I'm going to try to emulate them and just work our people in 2 hour blocks. That said if you can possibly work more than one block that would be great.

So any other items we need to bring up please do. I'm really going to start hounding Flying Monkey about our rules, regs, what we need and whatever else may come up.

Thanks guys for everything and I'm thinking we will try to do something just for us.


I build things that fly (sometimes)
So... Something I've seen done at other events to help explain the pattern to new event fliers. A very simple poster displayed at the flight line. Typically it just shows the flight line, the runway, and the pattern area. A nice feature I've seen are removable/replaceable arrows so that the direction of the pattern can be easily reversed if it would improve conditions.

I'm not a graphic artist but I don't think it would be too hard for someone to put one together. Honestly it could probably just be a modification of the existing flight line map.

It might not be necessary for the 3d, heli/multi, and perhaps sport lines, but for the beginner line it could clear a lot of confusion. IMO it would be nice to have on the sport line as well.

Some modification of this might work too: http://www.rc-airplane-world.com/image-files/rc-circuit-flying.gif

BTW... I'm looking forward to helping on the flight line, but I have absolutely 0 heli or FPV experience. Wouldn't even know where to start with frequency control. I'm a fixed wing scale guy ;-)


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Even a simple arrow cut from foam board and painted brightly and have it on bamboo skewers would be helpful. Archaic, I know but would be very effective.


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'nother volunteer

Hey guys! I've expressed interest for Registration, Flight Line, and Build Tent (plus the 'wherever I'm needed' team).

First time attendee/volunteer. Been in R/C since around '94. Strictly electrics & soaring. I've helped a couple of buddies at work get into flying (and now their skills outshine my own). Took a (somewhat involuntary) break after having two daughters, but FliteTest got me back in!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Rick Tatem
Fuquay Varina, NC