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Futaba T6xa


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ok, so i know the 72 band is outdated and most people have probably already moved on from that. but I'm looking for an old t6xa for parts. got one a long time ago for a gee bee profile (still havnt flown it, trying to learn before i crash that one) anyhow the right stick got broke and the chip is dead so i have no control on the better radio. anybody know where i can get a stick or a parts radio without paying an arm and a leg?

*edit* found the parts! thanks for the help!
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Hi! have you tried to send futaba an E-mail? that might be the only way to get replacement parts for that radio (unless you find someone who has an old radio at home and wants to send it to you..)
btw.if the repair costs get too expencive, you might be interested in knowing that there are a lot of usable and cheap radios (around 20$) on the market today, and if you go for a second hand one than it might be even cheaper.


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yea i have tried futaba, but it costs about 80 bucks to replace a 20 dollar stick assembly. I'm gonna do a little ebay hunting as craigslist holds hardly any rc gold around this area... i didn't know if anybody outright sold parts, e.g. the hobby king website or tower hobbies or anything.


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If it's a 6xas I have a whole pile of parts.. Call me 301 305 2198. I will tell you what I have!! Ernie.. But if your geting into gimbles you have some soldering to do.


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I saw that the guy from Grayson Hobby had one in a recently posted video. Maybe he has a lead on some parts, or has put that radio in the retired bin, and will make you a deal on it.