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Getting a friend into flying

I was recently able to teach one of my mates to fly my CX10 quad which to my surprise got him asking what the best deal is on a medium sized quad (we are still searching). So if you have friends who haven't experienced the thrill of the RC flying world I urge you to teach them and see what they think, or perhaps you know of a good quad for a beginner in which case please let me know.
What is he wanting? Camera drone or fast sporty drone? For smaller drones I know the Hubsan x4 h107l is only $50 on Amazon.ca and is amazing. Build quality is good and really fast. The h107c is the camera version.

But these are small. I know someone with a Syma x8c and its great because its not to expensive and its the size of a DJI Phantom. u can even put a GoPro on this its big enough. So it really depends on what he wants. I have been through allot of drones. here is a list of mine, some that don't work anymore and one is gone.

Syma x11c (small camera drone)- $70 (lost mine in tree never found)
Syma x5sw (wifi fpv camera drone)- $100 (very durable, been in water crashed 100 times still flys)
Hubsan x4 h107l- (fast sporty drone) $50 (complete rebuild after glue seeped everywhere in it)
Blade nano qx ( amazing and stable smaller drone) - $80 (needs new motor after wires ripped out)
Udi U840 (tiny tiny drone. inside flying only) - $30 ( also needs new motor for being ripped out by me)
Parrot Bebop ( great entry for camera drones with stabilization) - $600 ( still flying)