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getting back into rc


Junior Member
So i use to fly planes when i was about 12-13 at the local club and i got pretty good never had any serious crashes got an apprentice and flew the heck out of that then upgraded to a balsa plane and when winter hit about two years later i just didn't start flying the next summer. i threw away my apprentice and kept my balsa wood model. i decided to get my plane out again this year and when i first started flying it, it was way underpowered barely got off the ground. i put a bigger prop on it and it got off the ground and got caught in a breeze and flew behind me i kept it in the air about 20 feet when it tip stalled and went straight into the ground nose first and i stopped trying to fly that plane till i could train on something else. i ordered the ft cruiser speed build kit because i liked the idea of two motors less chance for the plane to be underpowered. i finished the plane and took it to a church near my house with a long parking lot and a huge field behind it, perfect place to fly. the first flight was so amazing, i hadn't flown plane in so long and this was by far the most fun i have ever had flying, it was so easy to fly and a pleasure to do aerobatics with i was so nervous about the landing and i brought it in and it just cruised to the ground perfectly and i was hooked once again i would recommend this kit to anyone wanting an easy plane they can build on and get better while not becoming overwhelmed.