1. GH05T

    3D Printed MiG-21 70mm/64mm research

    Just gonna try and see if I can take telnar1236's MiG-21 project and get it up and running, I've been looking forever for a starting point because my scaling has been horrible. I think I could get their plane to fly by using the cooling ducts that the real plane uses and turning them into air...
  2. Belial2801

    plane doesn't go straight

    hello, some time ago I had a problem with my first plane because it didn't move straight, I stopped the project and a few days ago I thought I had it ready so I tried it and surprisingly it moved straight (I tried it without the wings), today I built the plane (with wings) and the problem...
  3. S

    I made mini version of ft guinea pig

    So yeah micro guinea pig I just made it with simple paper nothing much and transmitter system I broke off and RC helicopter and it actually flies
  4. TopGun2105

    Tips on fpv gear ⬇️

    Hi I need some help finding some fpv gear I am not sure what to get I am 14 years old so I don’t have a lot of money and I need to buy it from a website that can ship to Turkey or South African and I am looking for something that will last me a long time and still give me an average performance...
  5. Jesse Dupreez

    Heinkel he 60

    Hi guys here is my build thread for the heinkel he 60, i got a front, top and side view of the internet and am using gimp i will use the se5's wing
  6. D

    Are there any subtitute matierials to foamboard?

    Hi! I going to make my first rc plane soon. Have been doing a loottt of research. One question... Are there more sustainable materials to create my plane in than foamboard. Anything reusable or compostable or recyclable?
  7. S

    I have some question about RC Plane

    I have question 2204 2300kV Brushless Motor 3S 1350mAh Lipo Battary 20A Brushless ESC Are this parts compatble ? Can this motor fly with 1350mAh lipo battery ? By the way this is what I want to do FT ALPHA - Build | Flite Test - YouTube
  8. Qwenther

    Robotech VF-1 Valkyrie 64mm EDF

    Hi y'all, I'm back to making funky things fly. This time I'm making the VF-1 Valkyrie. My previous project the VF-4 has been put on a back burner along with a few other projects. So far this is what I've got. I have designed in 1D thrust vectoring, in which finding the pivot points was not...
  9. tesseract

    Solved *Solved

    I'm almost out of foam!! does anyone have plans that work with cardboard?? shipping times take till we all ded, so cardboard will have to do :) Thanx in advance!
  10. tesseract

    Solved *Solved

    I am in need of a very cheap RC TRainer plane and I'm not that keen on scratchbuilding as I'm low on glue. Something under 75$, and small. Does anyone have a suggestion of which plane I should get? Thanks in advance!! If you can read this, you can eat a cookie :>
  11. Spr0ck3t

    Plane Phat Slug 1.1

    This is a Radio-Controlled foamboard-based A-Tail plane with a 2m wingspan made out of 6mm foamboard (the one used as floor insulation in Europe). Follow the instructions. The build process is very similar to Flite Test planes. The included motor mount files are for A2212 motors. You can very...
  12. nobledeed

    Plane N Sport 2

    Tiny Trainer modification and skin. Added saddle landing gear and a steerable tail wheel. Hope to have the N Sport in the air soon.
  13. Trains1213_YT

    I said I would do updates so here we go!

    I did a good amount of work on the 12ft glider I have a 8ft stick on the end of it is a wooden plate bolted to the stick under a casing, and then the plate is glued to the vert. stab. then on top of the casing there is a 15" horisontail stabilizer with 2 1/2" dowels on the sides for support. If...
  14. Trains1213_YT

    Hi welcome back to me

    I think it is obvious I haven't been on in months, and i am going to be honest I do not have any excuses I have just been lazy. Besides that the actual point of this was to say that I am doing a school project........... and have decided to build a 12ft. wingspan glider. I have a good thing I...
  15. BS projects inc.

    Eflite Habu 2 70mm edf jet

    I have an Eflite Habu 2 that I picked up about a year ago and it's been collecting dust since then. The plane is in excellent condition with some minor cosmetic issues. I'll have some pictures of it posted tonight for those who are interested. Price is at $140 plus shipping but I am also...
  16. BS projects inc.


    Old thread, no longer relevant
  17. F


    Notorious in the fixed wing world, the "Stick" has been the choice of aircraft for apprentices in search of the next level of flight, offering benign handling traits with sporty levels of performance for the ultimate big sky thrills. Designed for intermediate to advanced pilots, this 4 channel...
  18. Spr0ck3t

    Getting into FPV, and some tips from a Newbie!

    Hey folks! I've recently (a few days ago, maybe a week) gotten into flying FPV, and oh boy is it nice. I've put together a short video with some of my experiences with getting into FPV, and I'm also talking about some tips for newbies. The plane is based on an FT Explorer, but with 20cm...
  19. T

    Binding Issues

    Hey all, I'm having a little trouble binding my rx and tx. If i could get someone's input, that'd be great. Plane: Eflite Opterra 1.2 BNF fpv Tx: Spektrum DX6e Rx: Spektrum A3235 What I did (Plane): Plugged in Lipo Put Rx in Binding mode Flashy lights came on indicating that it was in bind...
  20. 52051126_10216805009624934_3694049831682048_n.jpg


    Ft Storch speed build kit.