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Getting back into the hobby and need some help.

I stumbled into flitetest on youtube and it relight the fire to start flighting again. I was just learning about 5 years ago, then we had our first kid and I stopped. I ended up selling just about everything I had but a Spektrum DX7, I was looking on craigslist last night and found someone interested in trading a dx6i, lipo charger, dxi 500 heli and extra parts for a dx7. I'm thinking about doing it, I always wanted to do helis but I want to get back to planes too. Having trouble deciding if I should pull the trigger, looking for others thoughts. Do I trade the extra channel for stuff or am I better off keeping it for the future?


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I would say… absolutely! when was the last time you used all 7 channels anyway?

I cant seem to find any pictures of that heli, what size is it?


That's a tough one. I fly airplanes and use only 5 channels on a normal basis. I don't know how many channels multi-rotors require. Is that a consideration for you?
If you have never flown helis before then that is not what I would call a good first heli. As far as the tx issue, I run a DX6i and it does everything I need.


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I prefer multirotors to heli's all day long. Helicopters break something, and often several somethings, every time you don't land perfectly.

Usually with a multi rotor, like a tricopter or a quadcopter, you are just replacing a broken prop.

I was able to fly my 400 sized helicopter, but for the price, and the waiting time for replacement parts if I even thought about touching a blade tip to something other than air, it was too much, and I sold off all of my helicopter gear.
Ok new problem, I keep reading about how great the turnigy 9x is. When to hobbyking and looked it up and see there is a newer 9xr. So now I'm wondering about selling the dx7 and buying either the 9xr or 9x and then upgrading it to a er9x. Long term I want to get into multi's and FPV, maybe even dabble in long range FPV. Thoughts? I think I would come out a little ahead on cash or atleast even and with a transmitter that could go farther with me.


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I have the FlySky th9x (almost the same as the Turnigy) I'm very pleased with it, despite the weird backwards inputs in the menu.. down for left, right for up.

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If you really get back into it and heli's are your thing, then a 7 channel can be necessary. A good CP heli with a governor and that's all seven channels.

1 Aileron
2 Elevator
3 Pitch
4 Rudder
5 Gyro Gain
6 Throttle
7 Governor

If you are leaning more towards 450 size electrics or a nitro without a governor then a 6 is plenty. However, your DX7 is a whole lot better than a DX6i. I have friends with both and I would keep the DX7.

The listed radios will all fly most any plane or heli you can think of.

Looks like an okay heli, I wouldn't say a great one but I've never known anyone that had one. If it's a complete, turn key heli, then it's probably a good deal. If it's a kit, then you need a ton of stuff for it. Here's the required equipment listing.

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:
Transmitter(6-channel or more, helicopter system)
Receiver(6-channel or more)
Mini servo (3)
Head lock gyro
Specialized Tail Servo
Pitch gauge
60A Brushless ESC
500 size Brushless motor (1600KV)
22.2V 6S Li-Poly 2100~2500mAh battery
425mm main blade

For that, the 115 bucks for the kit isn't great. You can get the same basic kit from hobbyking for less and still have to pay the same amount for all the electronics.

Pretty much depends on your desires and experiences. If you haven't flown helis before I wouldn't suggest jumping right into a 500 as your first heli. For planes, I'd stick with the DX7 and not worry about the heli. For helis, I'd look really hard at the heli and see if it's a good deal. I bought my first collective pitch heli from craigslist and didn't know what I was looking for. Turned out to have much more damage than he let on.


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I agree with Ak - unless you only fly Bixler/swap-series and need a maximum of 4 ch then a DX7 (or other brand) is a minimum.
I use all 7 and all available mixes on a stick (4 servos in the wing).
For i glider with 4 servos in the wing and a motor you will probably need at least an 8 ch transmitter.
There is a mile distance between the DX7 and the DX6i.


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I would think that a 500 class heli would be a very frustrating way to get back into the hobby.

Why not build a Bixler or Tek Sumo? Not a whole lot of money and a great way to get started.