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Getting into FPV

My setup is this:
Hitech Skyscout (Same as Multiplex Easystar II) with stock motor, servos etc
Turnigy 9X transmitter with frsky module
Frsky 8R II receiver
Fatshark Predator V2 fpv kit with stock camera and 250mW transmitter and stock antennas.
Orange Rx flightstabilizer v2
Turnigy 2S 800 mAh battery for video
3S 2250 mAh flight battery for the receiver, engine etc.

It flies beutifully with this setup and it feels like it doesnt consume any battery. I have not yet drained the batteries in one flight. The longest i have had it powerd up is probably about 30 minutes in one session and then it used about 1/3 of the batteries according to the charger.

The drawback of this setup is that i still dont get clear video in the regard that it after a while goes black and white. Something is wrong but i cant find what it might be. The cables are stock and it does the same thing regardless if its mounted in the plane or not.
The range is also normal for this setup that is 1 km+ just like it says in the manual. It can be some component that is about to lose it or it can be some bad connection somewhere but i fit was bad connection it should go color and then go bw and then color again and so on. But its color for a few minutes outside and then it goes bw and stays bw. Thats why i think its some heat related issue.

I have flown it in windy conditions (5-7 m/s) maybe more. It has handled it very nicely. People that watched it fly was amazed how well it handled the winds. It is always windy where i live so you cant wait for a calm day if you do then you will have to wait forever. I also had a hobby king atom (actually still have but no props since they break like glass during winter) it didnt handle winds very well too weak motor on it.

Carolus rex

In hangar: arranged according to purchase date: Mini quad 4 channels, Silverlight 2 channel plane, Easystar II glider, HK Mini Swift, HK Atom and now last but not least the easystar II converted for FPV. FPV was the goal from the beginning.