Getting started in FPV. Need help with gear


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I still haven't bought ANY FPV gear yet and its getting to the point where I'm getty antsy. I'm really confused because of what i read on banggood about the mw on the teleporterV5 combo. There out of stock from banggood but getfpv or rmrc has it same price. Can someone please tell me the difference between Europe fpv gear and USA gear. RMRC has predator V2 goggle system for Europe for 149$ on sale full package. Out of stock on the USA package and won't ever be back in stock. I opened a support ticket with RMRC and they said that the European gear can be used in the U.S. and the goggles are identical. I was looking at the teleporter V5 combo description on banggood and it says CE 25mw standards and USA 5mw standards. Does that mean that package is only 5mw? And what really is the difference in the different gear. I haven't bought nothing yet because I'm gunshy buying something I wont be happy with and won't get at least ok range. Reviews are good and bad on the teleporters. This is very difficult for me as I overthink things but also want the best bang for the buck. I don't know if the European gear will give me better range? Is it upgradable also in the future with regular US gear. I have a feeling if i buy the teleporters ill be upgrading right away due to range, but i really don't know what to expect as far as range from the teleporters. I know ill need the basic ham licence as I'm already an ama member, faa registered and I want to always fly legal. I am assuming thats why they dumb the teleporterV5 down so you dont beed a licence.
Thanks for any help. Absolutely appreciate it.
P.S. never knew it'd be so hard to spend money lol.
Thanks again and I'm not looking for illegal advice just the difference between Europe fpv gear and USA gear and can I use it.


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If it's the FCC certified combo you're looking at, skip it. I remember reading it's about 5mw, which is pretty useless. If you know you're getting your HAM license, get it first, then you'll know exactly what to buy :)


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Yea the teleporterV5 is the same. FCC version dumbed down to 5mw from what im reading.
Thank you appreciate it. Im gonna try and get my ham licence asap.


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Range comes from tx and antennas. If I were you I would start with the teleporters which are lower end goggles but gets you in the driver seat NOW. They can always be recycled as ride along goggles later OR sold to someone who like you is just starting out. Then I would get one of them multi out put tx's. That way you can run the 25 mw and not have too many people up yer behind on legal vs not as you will most likely not be bugging anyone with it. Then once you get your HAM you can up the power to suit your conditions. I got the Lumenier TX5ga tx from getfpv and I love it. Its rock solid and stable. I have yet to take mine off of 25 mw as its done great for what I do zipping around the back area or a soccer field on cheapie aomway antennas. Its actually better then the last two 200 mw set ups I ran on the Versa Copter. The only problem I see is the connector is the weak point. I did an RMA on one and they sent me a new tx no problems. Hopefully after a good half hour conversation they will be addressing this minor set back. The new ones connector broke while trying to install it so I said screw it and soldered directly to the board and hot glued the snot out of it. Then go with the standard HS117 camera as you will be able to adjust that to a very respectable picture even on low end goggles.

I will vouch for the TX and the camera as I use them every time I fly and both are more then adequate for the task.