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Getting the sizing correct.


Junior Member
Hi Guys,

I'm new here so I guess I'll start off by saying hello from GB!

I've been watching FliteTest on Youtube and saw the Viggen video, and I want to have a crack at making it.

But how do I get all the sizing correct from the plans, I have access to an A1 plotter so I can print out plans in large scale but I need to make the wooden templates from this ready for hot wiring, however, how to I make sure the templates are going to be the right size, so everything fits as it should, if that makes sense?

I've always bought factory built models to fly, but want to have a crack at EDF and scratch building these foam models.
Upon review of the PDF plans I don't see any notations as to scale or former dimensions. I will say all you need is one measurement to scale entire plan. I would use the 700mm wing span as your gauge to scale everything else. If the whole model ends up a couple mm off it doesn't matter much so long all the components scale to one another.....not sure if this helps any