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I've been watching your show now forever! I swear I've seen every one of them! Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to any order I've been watching them in, or what order you made the vid's in. The thing is though.... I love to what the little contests you guys do against each other.... you know... Where Josh Bixler always wins.... anyway, I notice you guys play for forum members, I NEVER expect to ever be one of those guys, I'm just curious.... Are you guys still giving away those stickers and posters with your logo on it? I think you guys are awesome, but that's pretty lame. I'm sorry if that sounded so mean..... You guys are great.... awesome.... amazing. I'm just saying, if I got those stickers, I wouldn't have any airplanes to put them on. And I like to see people that win cool stuff, like when you gave away the champ, or 100 dollar gift card for hobby king. I don't even know if you guys are giving away the stickers still for that, but if you are, I speak for at least one more person other than me when I say thats not exactly super cool or anything, and that you're awesome.

Thanks flite-test, you're awesome


lumpy member
I dont agree, that limited edition poster was AWESOME.

p.s, if you put that in the store, I will buy it.


Senior Member
I have it on my wall, lol...signed by the both of them...
I would love to have that poster. The jealousy is overwhelming. I remember and cherish that episode. Squishy you are one lucky guy! Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves in the near future.