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Hi names Adam I’m building a 27 percent scale navion. I see all the glue forums just wondering what’s best for bigger scales like that? Also any info on 1/32x7/8 and 3/16x7/8 balsa sticks would be awesome! Been searching for a month or so now


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Your best friend would be a device called a ripper. Or in some circles, a stripper. Basically a blade held in place with a straight guide for making small accurate pieces from balsa sheet. Take a piece of 1/32 stock and adjust your desired width.

Can't help with the glue, too many options and specifications for me to make your choice. Light and strong are my two requirements, but sometimes I need 1/2" gap filling. (That was a joke)
Just trying to make sure i do this right. I’m doing a restoration on a real navion as well and matching it to a tee to the one I’m restoring.


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I’d recommend CA, followed with a fillet of ordinary white glue. Apply a small amount in all the corners with a glue syringe like this one. Fast, lightweight & strong. The CA holds everything together until the white glue dries.