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Good Morning!

My name is Pete. I had a couple planes and flew some about 20 years ago while working at a Hobby Town USA in SW Ohio. Now that I have kids and a little more time I figured it was time to dust off my one remaining plane, a Great Planes PT-20 trainer. Currently I am learning all can about gas to electric conversions, so that I can convert the 20 to and e-plane. Fortunately its been done once or twice so there is a little information to learn from on this forum and the interwebs!
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not much to it, just always keep your center of gravity in mind and build around it. balance the plane as you add the new electric parts and it should fly just like before. i have done a couple conversions on old balsa planes myself and all have flown.

here are 2 of them, both are easily 40yrs old.


it can be done. good luck,

me :cool: